Friday, July 15, 2011


Tatsu: Round Three. Earlier entries: April 1 & July 8.

Rolled salmon & almonds, with a poached egg at the plate's center. If a Nobel prize for recipes existed, whoever created this heavenly pastiche should be nominated.

Scallop & foie gras combo. The only misfire in this otherwise marvelous meal; the sauce was overpoweringly salty, tasting eerily like the thick, cloying one in Chinese chee cheong fun.

Japanese taro yam & anchovy "bruschetta." A textural treat; there's no bread in this, unlike Italian bruschetta. Instead, the comfortingly warm yam forms a creamy base for the crisply fried anchovies.

Boiled Asari clams with butter & bonito stock. Sounded sensational and tasted terrific, with a savory juiciness that made each clam finger-lickin'-good. This restaurant has been rejuvenated by its recent revamp; its food is better than ever.

Grade 10 Aussie Wagyu beef, to be grilled at the table on a smoldering-hot volcanic stone and accompanied by house-made ginger soyu & spicy dips.

Pretty pricey at RM150++ for 100 grams, but it's prime meat at its most enjoyable.

Nihon Sakari sake (Atsukan).

Intercontinental Hotel, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I need to visit this place sooooonnnnnnnn...*drools over the rolled salmon & almonds with poached egg* :D

  2. You have been coming back frequently to this place, haven't you? Too bad they "spoiled" that foie gras with CCF sauce!

  3. Ulric: heheh, you're a Japanese food addict! But ya, this place has a super-wide menu. I think I've still barely tried 20 percent of its menu =)
    Pureglutton: yeah, tatsu is my restaurant in the spotlight for July! And ya, can forgive them for the scallop + foie, since they did everything else so well :D

  4. The wagyu must have melted in your mouth!

  5. baby sumo: it was quite divine! we had to be careful not to overcook it :D

  6. so i guess for 100gm, that's hardly even for 1 person?!! hahah the marbling looks good but at RM100, it's quite pricey.

  7. can i have your credit card?

  8. eiling: yeah, 100 grams was the minimum order for RM150. we couldn't afford to make it 200 grams, heheh =)
    ky: only if you pay the bill at the end of the month, of course! :D

  9. wait this used to be nikko right?

  10. Michelle: yeps! Changed name to intercontinental this year =)