Saturday, July 2, 2011


Back to Leonardo's. Earlier entries: Feb. 2, '09; Feb. 19, '09; Aug. 19, '09, Apr. 23, '11.

Each meal at Leonardo's is guaranteed to be a sinful one, thanks to fat-filled, calorie-laden concoctions such as this Kentucky Fried Frog. Crisp and piping-hot, with lots of tender flesh beneath the batter. But flavor-wise, it could have used a secret recipe of herbs and spices.

Chicken liver & bacon pate, with spiced orange peel marmalade & grilled herb foccacia crisp. One of the best pates in town. Rich, smooth and fabulously flavorful.

"Reverse Sandwiches." A unique creation, featuring bread rolls wrapped in jamon serrano ham & mozzarella cheese. Nothing short of a diet-destroyer.

Still on the starters, since there's so much to choose from. This salad of piquillo peppers stuffed with minced Iberico pork & doused with truffle oil is some kind of miracle. It's everything we hoped it would be.

But not every dish here is awesome. The Hokkien Mee is decently done, packed with prawns & pork liver, but the 'wok hei' element seems absent.

Roasted baby lamb leg. Hearty and tender, sufficient for two to share; the meat might be a tad too gamy for some customers, but lamb-lovers will relish every mouthful.

What's sin without a little sweetness? Leo's Tiramisu fits the bill, laced with red wine.

Waffles with Nutella, butter, Manuka honey & Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

Duke & Duchess (kahlua, baileys, grand marnier, chocolate sauce) & Longan Martini.

Oxford Landing Shiraz (Australia) & Frontera Merlot (Chile).

Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa) & Trio Reserva Cab Sauv (Chile).

Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.

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  1. looks darn hearty the meal! did you wallop them yourself?

  2. KFF.. Kentucky Fried Frog.. so cute...

  3. Fried frogs, what a fabulous idea! I am dead set against consumption of amphibians, for no logical reason, but this I can definitely bend my highly questionable convictions for!

  4. michelle: oh, all this food took several people to help finish! the lamb leg itself seemed gigantic enough to feed a small tiger! :D
    baby sumo: heheh, yeah, but i still prefer KFC, cos colonel sanders' original recipe chicken is always the tastiest! =)
    min: oooh, come to think of it, offhand, i can't name any other edible amphibians! for a second there, i was gonna say turtles, but then i remembered what i learned in my biology classes! :D