Friday, July 22, 2011


Giving guests permission to "ploy with your food," this hyper-cool restaurant toys with Thai & Japanese flavors to invent fusion food with fine flair.

If some recipes here seem vaguely familiar, it's because the chef was formerly from Seri Kembangan's now-defunct Pla Dib. Expect robust house-made sauces to accompany even the raw seafood, including this medley of salmon & squid marinated with lime juice & shoyu.

Ploy's other ceviche-like components comprise tuna & shrimp sashimi, notable for a freshness that would be ideal for an "omakase" feast. We're not sure whether the savory piquancy of the sauce truly complemented the seafood, but it helped to keep everything interesting.

Pomelo & roast duck, both very juicy, with mint leaves & chili. This top-notch salad features more meat than fruit (whether that's good or bad would depend on what we really want).

A thin-crust, tomato-free pizza, heartily topped with crab meat, spring onions & an avocado spread. Surprisingly light; even carb-fearing customers shouldn't feel too guilty chewing on this.

Mentaiko linguine with nori & fresh cream. A small serving, but sufficient to satisfy. Prices are nevertheless a little lower than expected; this pasta, for example, costs RM21+.

Cocktails maintain the creative streak: Tomyamtini (absolut blue vodka, ginger flower, kaffir lime leaves, chili, lime juice) & Pink Bubble Bath (sagatiba cachaca, mixed berries, lime juice, homemade Gula Melaka syrup).

Sparkling Ployground (absolut peach vodka, prosecco, mixed berries, cassis, lime juice) & Cool Cucumber Melon (cucumber, honeydew, passion fruit, mint leaves).

By the way, "Ploy" apparently means "gem" in Thai, so it's not to be interpreted using the English-language definition.

Ploy is tricky to locate though; see for a misleading map, or better still, call up the outlet for directions.

Ploy @ Clearwater,
G-02 Work@Clearwater,
Jalan Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2095-0999

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  1. This prompts me to cook my mentaiko pasta!

  2. Michelle: yay! hope it turns out very nicely! :D

  3. I think a top notch salad with more meat is just what we want! =D I've always felt pomelos are a bitter fruit..

  4. I love fusion food, need to see more of it in KL. I'm intrigued by the ceviche/raw bits and the pizza!

  5. Contentment: heh, this salad is quite comfort foodish, since the fruit is soft and sweet and the duck is succulent. The combo is almost mushy, in a good way =)
    Hungry female: yeah, i admire chefs who are bold enough to experiment, even if the results aren't always a success. Better than timidly just offering the same old spaghetti carbonara forever =)

  6. Eh I left a comment last night but its not here anymore. Weird.

    Anyway hope to try the mentaiko pasta since I'm a fan.

  7. Baby sumo: yikes, thanks for returning to re-comment. I didn't receive any comment email notification last night, so maybe there was a blogspot glitch. But anyways, maybe you could even make mentaiko pasta at home! The ingredients seem straightforward, though I dunno whether it's easy to buy mentaiko at retail outlets...

  8. While Thai and Japanese are my two absolute favourite cuisines, I am just not buying into both of them married together in some fusion art form. That crab pizza stopped me in my tracks though!

  9. What a nice name for a restaurant! Certainly doesn't sound like it serves Japanese food :) Love the mentaiko linguine! And the thin crust pizza. Gosh I haven't had breakfast! :P Tomyamtini! So cool! :)

  10. Min: yeah, I still have doubts too. I guess most Thai flavors are just so in-your-face, while Japanese food has such subtle, delicate nuances. We should be thankful they didn't attempt an Indian-Japanese cuisine union! :D
    Iamthewitch: yaaa, the name sounds nice and has an interesting meaning too! even the menu is fun to read, since it explains many of the dishes in a casual, very humorous way :D

  11. Oh my.. I loved Pladip. Certainly would come here fr the food! I see AVOCADO pizza! Oh yea!!

  12. tng: heheh, apparently business at seri kembangan was too slow, so they decided to close after six months, rethink the whole concept, and come up with a restaurant with a new name, new look, new location and new recipes! thank goodness, since damansara heights is easier to reach compared to seri kembangan! :D

  13. Yeah mentaiko pasta is quite easy to make. And can get mentaiko easily in Jusco MV.

  14. baby sumo: ahh, good to hear that. i really should take a stroll in a good supermarket one of these days, just to educate myself on what's available, heh :D

  15. haha yeah I was wondering why would someone name their restaurant as "ploy". It's indeed a misleading name and with an even more misleading map.

  16. eiling: heheh, i ended up parking in the wrong place and had to drive out again! :D

  17. Thanks for the posting, Sean. I checked it out with my mum and totally loved it, especially the durian pannacotta. Will be back soon!! :D

  18. yin: great to hear that! hope u managed to find the place easily (i had a bit of trouble). yeah, there's quite a number of interesting items on the menu that i'd still like to try :D

  19. we tried this last weekend. very disappointing and i got complaint by my friends. i guess the chef change already. what we ordered:-

    pomelo salad-no taste.not refreshing
    salmon sashimi - not fresh
    pink lady sushi - rice too wet to be sushi rice
    linguini mentaiko - spicy a bit n cream a lil bit..does it suppose taste like this?
    black fried rice - just garlic fried rice with raw egg..can only taste garlic..ntg special
    lemongrass chicken - can only taste the lemongrass on the surface only..the inside is not marinated well. chatuchak market taste 100 times better than ploy.
    popcorn chicken pizza - popcorn chicken niceee..the sauce..i have no idea whats colour sauce n taste bland. only this pizza..all 7 of us agreed its nice..maybe nothing else to eat already...

    no dessert as we still hungry..the portion too smalll..we went for second round outside.

    btw i still trust your taste bud n continue reading ur blog..i went to hanare after readin ur blog..the hanare is really goood alto i dont fancy raw fish or cooked fish.. keep blogging the good food!!

  20. Sue: thanks for your feedback. sorry to hear that your meal at ploy did not live up to your expectations. yeah, it's been more than a year since i've been back to ploy. hopefully they'll take notice of your complaints.