Friday, July 29, 2011

Ploy @ Damansara Heights

Ploy: Round Two. Earlier entry: July 22.

This round at Ploy yielded both hits & misses. The tuna, scallop & avocado "mille-feuille" on sushi rice looked like a cool creation, but it tasted like a regular maki at an upscale Japanese restaurant. Not a terrible thing, but not terrific either.

Salmon with "laab" shoyu & lime sauce. Sashimi, suffocated in sourish saltiness.

Crispy baby squid in sesame sauce. Works as a bar snack; as addictive as it sounds.

Butterfish marinated with shoyu, sake & mirin. Ploy's version of char siew; the fish boasted a honeyed smokiness and a firmer bite than expected.

Notable desserts include the durian gelato, made with the highly valued "raja kunyit" breed for a singularly sweet flavor with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

Durian panna cotta, blending Asian & European sensibilities in one creamy confection. If there's one thing to admire about Ploy, it's the risk-taking here.

Thrab thim krob _ Thai red rubies with water chestnuts & shaved coconut ice. Refreshingly cold and well executed, ensuring a satisfactory finish.

Thai-inspired cocktails: Basil Mojito & Ginger Cosmopolitan.

Ploy @ Clearwater,
G-02 Work @ Clearwater,
Jalan Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2095-0999

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  1. Yup, the offerings here look so familiar! ;p
    I nd my durian gelato fix!

  2. I never thought durian and panna cotta would work, until you said so. Time to take the boy there. He's been asking for durians lately. LOL

  3. durian panna cotta?! Kill me nao.. :P

  4. would love to try the durian panna cotta. what an exotic combi!

  5. The place looks eerily quiet...

  6. tng: ahhh, the management and chef used to be from seri kembangan's pla dib (which closed after six months). this new venture should survive longer :D
    bangsar-babe: heheh, i guess desserts with creamy, luscious textures would work for durian (i.e. durian pancakes). hope rif will enjoy it =)
    ciki: take a walk on the wild side! even durian tiramisu and durian macarons are OK :D
    eiling: yeps, definitely a pleasant change from the usual vanilla-flavored panna cotta =)
    baby sumo: ooo, we were there early and took these photos before the crowd came. eventually the place was more than half full :D

  7. Is raja kunyit = mau san wong???

  8. michelle: yeps! you know your durian varieties much better than me! :D

  9. DURIAN gelato?? Argh.. such a way to entice people! :P I want one too!

  10. iamthewitch: and it's made in-house too, i think, as an assurance of strict quality control =)

  11. Durian desserts? As in plural, more than one? Oh joy! :D

  12. kenny: heheh, when it comes to durian desserts, two's company and three's never a crowd! :D