Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chef Andrea @ il Lido

After Chiaroscuro closed, we thought we'd never taste Chef Andrea Zanella's cooking again. Fortunately, il Lido has scooped him up, ensuring his recipes remain a fixture in KL.

Amuse bouche of goat's cheese & walnuts. Il Lido went pork-free recently, sparking sorrow among countless customers who worship its near-sacred Sardinian suckling pig. We can only pray that the hog will return someday.

Chef Andrea is counting on cattle to placate il Lido's patrons, with beef & veal poised to seize the spotlight when his full menu debuts in August. The restaurant is now previewing several of his new dishes, including cured bresaola with mushrooms. Swelling with savory sensations, this should tickle the fancy of folks who feel that regular beef carpaccio is too bland.

Il Lido's reputation for perfect pasta is intact. The fettuccine with veal & porcini mushrooms sounds ordinary, but there's nothing mediocre about how it tastes. Sensuously smooth noodles, lightly swathed in luscious sauce, with lots of delectable meat to fill every spoonful.

Veal ossobucco with saffron risotto. A surprising presentation, kinda like a deconstructed version of ossobucco. Also a thrill for the taste buds, with plenty of decadently creamy bone marrow to dig into, accompanying richly textured rice & meat.

Customers who care little for bovine pleasures can indulge in spaghetti with black olive pesto & bottarga. A masterful dish like this explains why people love pasta.

Casillero del Diablo Merlot 2009 (Chile).

il Lido,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-2291


  1. Yes bring back the Sardinian suckling pig!

  2. hungry female: gone but not forgotten! i figure we won't witness its reappearance until 2012 at the very earliest though...

  3. Veal...did I hear veal?

    Any chance of a veal steak here...hmmmmm :)

  4. ulric: the veal ossobucco is pretty close to a veal steak (imagine a veal version of lamb shank)! you can see the chunk of meat in the background of the photo above :D

  5. Sigh.. ah least i dined here 4 times before it went pork free. I wonder why? Was it cos of lack of customers??

  6. Did the other chef leave? I do feel their food has improved.

  7. Seriously, I rather if the pig were to be less gamy and funky smelling. Then, I will not mind if they bring back the pig.:)

  8. Tng: no idea, though I assume it was a business decision they felt they needed to make. chiaroscuro was a pork-filled restaurant too, so chef Andrea definitely can do pork dishes very well =)
    Baby sumo: oooo, no idea when exactly chef Samuel left (i think that was his name, i'm awful at remembering names) and chef Andrea took over, though personally, I feel il lido's food has been consistently excellent since the beginning, heheh :D
    Michelle: yeah, I realize you generally dislike pork, which I can empathize with, since I didn't enjoy pork when I was a kid too. But times have changed, haha =)

  9. And you know what?!! I still haven't moved my ass there for a dinner! Gosh I'm so left out.

  10. eiling: next month will be a good time to go, since they'll be revamping their menu! :D