Monday, September 27, 2010

The Club

A lofty restaurant, though the food here has earthbound aspirations.

The Club shares G City Club Hotel's 28th-floor penthouse with Bridge Bar and Tanzini. Its furnishing is made of wood from sustainable sources, with timber decks carved from rice husks.
For review of Bridge Bar, click: July 26. For Tanzini, click: August 10 & August 13.

Steamed organic barramundi salad. Ideal for health-conscious diners. The fish was succulent and not bland at all, while the salad leaves were fresh and crunchy.

Grilled squid & chorizo salad with sugar snap peas. This one, though, was forgettable.

Phad Khee Mao (fried spaghetti with prawns, mussels, octopus, garlic slices, herb sauce & red bird's eye chili). Not bad at all; a generous mix of flavorsome ingredients, though it wasn't as fiery as most Thai recipes.

Lamb Massaman curry with steamed white rice. Tender chunks of meat in a rich, thick curry that went perfectly with the super-fragrant rice.

Desserts seem slightly more creative than the savory fare here. We gobbled every sweet, creamy bite of the hazelnut praline mousse with vanilla bourbon & coconut ice cream, and even proceeded to lick our spoons clean.

Cheese cake with mascarpone cream & mango coulis. Marvelously light.

Amarena cherry & lavender ice cream. A chilled-out conclusion.

Lotsa booze is available, from a satisfactory range of wines...

... to hard liquor and bubbly.

The Club,
G City Club Hotel,
G Tower, Jalan Tun Razak.


  1. I was there today too, but went to social, which was sadly quite bad. by the way, bridge bar is now open to public! :)

  2. Does the lavender ice cream taste strongly of lavender?

  3. Massaman curry - yums! Did I mention this was one of the dishes we learned during our Thai cooking class in Krabi two weeks ago? Hehe.

  4. Vanilla bourbon & coconut ice cream?? Sounds divine.... :D

  5. good loh.. since you can't really take anything too spicy, The Club's kitchen has done their job very well to match your palate :P

  6. Interesting! Thai fusion place. But love the ambience!

  7. Desserts!! I nd that!
    Maybe I come here & order the desserts alone ;)

  8. hey why is there a purple strip on the first dessert picture?

  9. are you home? when is our date again?!! :P

  10. augustdiners: yikes! i liked the social, but i've been hearing bad things about it from others in recent weeks...
    michelle: not much actually! not a turnoff :D
    lfb: i like massaman curry better than green curry! feel free to let me know if u ever decide to cook it in kl :D
    j: am not a fan of coconut though, heheh :D
    leo: oh yeah, i was very grateful for that =)
    qwazymonkey: yeah, it's very cozy! though some people might consider it a bit sterile-looking...
    tng: comfort food? hope u're getting enough of that!
    eiling: ooops! must have done something wrong while i was transferring the photo...
    ciki: am still away! will only be back next month. will reply to u on your blog, heheh :D

  11. lfb: so is my home in sri petaling! :P