Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ignore the unimaginative name. If you want Thai food that extends beyond green curries and tom yam soup, then Lobby is a worthwhile visit.

I-san pork sausages. Slightly sourish, but absolutely addictive.

Duck confit with herb gravy & black fungus. Reasonably juicy, though it tasted like something that could be microwaved at home.

Whole pork rib with paneang sauce & egg rice cake. The meat could've been more tender, but the serving was hearty and the sauce was flavorful. Reasonably priced at 24 ringgit.

Barramundi fillet steamed with lime & chillies. Fresh and moist, not too spicy.

Jacob's Creek Chardonnay & Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thai's Land cocktail (vodka, red wine, orange juice) & orange juice.

One Residency, Jalan Nagasari.


  1. The egg rice cake looks nice!!!

  2. So if i have a restaurant at the top floor, i called it "top floor"?

  3. michelle: yeah, but not too memorable! i've totally forgotten what it tasted like :D
    joe: "top floor" is a better name than "lobby" :D

  4. Methinks the name may be more of a conversation starter than the food give the comments above... :P

  5. lfb: but i liked the food here much, much more than the name! in fact, i despise the name :D

  6. Microwaved duck confit? BLASPHEMY!! More intrigued by them pork sausages - they look like the once-you-pop-you-can't-stop variety!

  7. One doesn't have to like the name for it to be a conversation starter; in fact, the stuff we loathe, we tend to talk about all the more, right?

  8. actually i find that sake goes very well with thai food too especially when it comes to curries. Try it next time!

  9. aiya... everything looks great until I read the address :P

  10. Lol. Well, the most important thing is that the food is nice, right? :)

  11. PORK!
    And so One Residency is open..hhmm..
    Duck confit is one dish I'm been tryin every whr..
    tis plc's version looks moist enough..tho mayb not as authentically prepared as the original?

  12. lfb: hmmmm, u're probably right, though i'd really rather talk about the things i love :D
    eiling: thanks for the advice! i have had problems pairing wine with thai food in the past =)
    leo: heheh, yeah, sorry, i still usually focus on restaurants in the city center :D
    j: trueeee, it's preferable to a restaurant with a great name but with bad food! =)
    tng: ya, it's not exactly the french duck confit here. i'm not sure it really fits the definition of duck confit at all :D