Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celsius @ Fahrenheit 88

Fahrenheit 88, Part II: KL's latest mall still seems like a swirl of construction site dust and paint fumes, but its flagship restaurant _ Celsius _ is 100 percent ready to welcome visitors.

This semi-alfresco establishment isn't a bad-looking place, but its loud music (even early in the evening) might turn off anyone seeking to dine in peace.

The wide-ranging menu of Western and Asian standards here (alongside numerous cocktails) might look conventional at first, but a closer study will show that the kitchen has taken intriguing liberties with these recipes.

Caesar salad with smoked rabbit. Couldn't resist trying this; while the rabbit tasted like regular smoked chicken ham (we were assured it was rabbit), this was still impeccably prepared, with crunchy leaves, a light but creamy sauce & nicely boiled eggs (not runny, but not hard).

Sauteed mussels with curry leaves, dried shrimp and hoi-sin sauce. Tasted like a "kam heong" version, but worth ordering if you're looking for juicy, flavorful mussels.

Tiger prawns wrapped with deep-fried wantan noodles, served with Japanese cucumber. Decent finger food; the prawns were plump and fairly fresh, perfect for dipping into the gooey combo of guacamole, mango & chipotle dressing at the bottom of the bowl.

Risotto with porcini, portobello & button mushrooms, tinged with saffron. Comfort carbs; a nice change from other mushroom risotti that are often overpowered by the flavor of mushrooms. This still tasted earthy, but with a pleasant aroma of herbs that we couldn't quite identify.

Spicy Mango Caipirinha (rum, monin spicy mango, lemon wedges, mango, brown sugar) & Rambutan Caipiroshka (vodka, rambutans stuffed with pineapples, lemon juice).

Lavender Mojitos (rum, lemon juice, mint leaves, brown sugar, lavender syrup).

Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. The risotto looks a bit wet.

  2. Indeed some parts are still covered in tarpaulin & there are workers hard at work still. Yet the launch is tmw.
    food here looks promising. Rabbit ;p..

  3. a funky outlet! So is Fahrenheit 88 opened already or still in the midst of heavy renovation?

  4. Love the bright colorful swanky interior and that lavendar mojito looks like my kinda drink! Lookin fwd to yr reviews of ALL the outlets in this place, hehe!

  5. Michelle: ahh but still tasted creamy :D
    Tng: yeah, I wonder if even one-third of the shops will be ready yet to open this week...
    Eiling: soft launch on Wednesday, but i think it'll only look like a fully operating mall in November...
    Pureglutton: heheh, so far, only two eateries have opened in Fahrenheit 88!

  6. I would have enjoyed coming here if the music isn't so loud! Place like this should have soothing music...

  7. Leo: yeah, I guess they're trying to attract more of a partying crowd..

  8. if i hadn't know better, i would guess that you're in property development hence the extra notice on all the upcomings development within the golden triangle. hahaha

    How the heck you find out about these places really puzzled me.

    Farenheit 88 is a really hip name, it has a nice ring to it (better than kl plaza) hahaha!

    and Celcius looked interesting enough, but i'll probably observe from far first. haha :D

  9. oops i realised i have a habit to end every sentence with "hahaha" lately. :P

  10. Food looks nice in the pics. Tiger prawn presentation is attractive, and it's also environmentally friendly coz you hold it by the tail and eat it instead of using a fork. Oh waitaminute. Just saw the skewer. Chis.
    Celsius @ Farenheit 88 is a cute name. :-D

  11. augustdiners: heheh, i just try to keep my eyes and ears open! yeah, it's safe to wait till november to check out fahrenheit 88, since the top stores won't open until then. p.s. hahaha! :D
    lemongrass: wah, u so observant! i wouldn't have noticed the skewer in the pic. but i love skewers ... they're excellent for fuss-free eating (unless they're oily and sticky!). yep, whoever thought of the name 'celsius' should be commended!

  12. You should really go there at night. The "pokok berlampu" is worth seeing at night.

    Did I mention there's a pole there with sprinklers??

  13. celeste: yeah, i guess it would look pretty cool at night ... though the noise levels might be higher too, gulp! i think we noticed a pole, but wasn't sure why the heck it was there, heh :D