Friday, September 17, 2010

Ramen Izakaya Kazushi @ Solaris

Nearly all the customers here are Japanese men _ a sign that the food is good.

Stir-fried pork liver with chives. The liver was thinly sliced and tasted mild, so this won't totally satisfy strong cravings for liver. Not oily though, making it a relatively healthy option.

Tenshin ramen (ramen with crab meat omelet, egg & pork belly 'char siew'). Lots of flavorsome, well-prepared toppings rescued what would otherwise be a so-so bowl of noodles in one-dimensionally salty soup. Recommended for hearty appetites.

Katsu curry rice. Super-thick, savory curry with crisp, freshly fried chicken. Best eaten hot before the curry congeals (which it will!).

Sake. A small serving, insufficient to intoxicate.

Ramen Izakaya Kazushi,
Solaris Mont Kiara.


  1. It seems that there are more and more food outlets in Solaris!

  2. Oh? Now there are a ramen + izakaya!
    Ramen seems to be the next thing ;)

  3. Will appreciate if pricing provided :-)

  4. you seemed to be highlighting lots of ramen nowadays. maybe it's the next hit in town!

  5. michelle: yeah, every other week, it seems like two outlets will close but four others will open! :D
    tng: fortunately for me, i prefer ramen to udon! =)
    choi yen: ooops, sorry, i can't recall the exact prices, but the total for the food alone was definitely below 50 ringgit...
    eiling: it's more of a coincidence, i think! but yeah, i have been eating japanese noodles more frequently in the past month or two :D

  6. i love noodles.. weren't you the one who said the way to eat the avocado cream is smear it and lick it off your loved one ar? well.. i can say the same for noodles.. mwuahaahaha :D

  7. ciki: heheh, just be sure NOT to pour boiling-hot soup on them while u're at it! :D