Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Scot's @ Jaya One

One of the more sedate watering holes at Jaya One.

Battered fish & calamari. Food isn't the focus at this outlet, so there's little of interest.

Spaghetti carbonara. Meant to fill bellies, not titillate taste buds.

Booze-lovers, however, should have few complaints with the range of whiskies and beer. Balvenie single barrel (15-year-old) & Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel.

The Scot's,
Jaya One.


  1. Hmm..the crowd is pretty strong here at night. So yea, maybe it's just for drinks

  2. tng: maybe it's the combo of the cushy seats, the calm environment and all the whiskies u can drink! :D

  3. I guess this outlet will need to improve in order to survive. So the drinks and food varieties are also limited? what do they specialise in?

  4. still prefer beer if I wanna sit and enjoy the night :P for whisky, I have to be in a club or something like that while partying the night away

  5. eiling: oh apparently, they're affiliated with brussels beer cafe, so can order food from there and have it sent over here. they specialize in beer and whiskies...
    leo: i prefer both with food! don't like the taste of beer or whisky on its own, heheh (and whisky seems too expensive!)

  6. doesn't excite me ler .. :P

  7. ciki: me neither! heheh :D