Monday, September 13, 2010

Marutama Ra-Men @ Fahrenheit 88

This spin-off from a Singaporean franchise has landed in a cozy corner of Fahrenheit 88 (KL Plaza's replacement) ahead of the mall's soft launch.

The menu is compact, but this calm, unpretentious eatery is still worth a visit, thanks to its friendly service and a bright, clean environment. Take a seat by the tall windows for a view of Bukit Bintang's not-too-sleazy back alleys.

Ramen in chicken soup mixed with seven types of ground nuts, topped with chicken meatballs, seaweed, spring onions, pickled radish, coriander & lemon. The priciest ramen here, costing 22 ringgit. We added some half-boiled seasoned egg for good measure; the result was a supremely hearty, comforting bowl of noodles that might seem ideal for nursing a broken heart.

Pork belly. Chunky and meaty, but lacked that melt-in-the-mouth feel.

Grilled roast pork belly. Nicely balanced between fat and protein, but too salty.

Alas, sake isn't available, so we had to be content with green tea.
On a personal note, am now officially out of the country for three weeks, but these blog entries are automatically scheduled to be posted everyday as usual. Will have regular Internet access, though will probably reply to blog comments only at the end of each day.

Marutama Ramen,
Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Noodles sounds comforting enough to take a walk across from Pavilion for lunch some time soon.

  2. This seems like a nice ramen place.

  3. it sounded so familiar and guess what? i had the sg version last year. i remember the ramen to be very hearty and good.

  4. Stunning! I feel my heart healing already just looking at it. Looks like a trip downtown is well overdue! This + Uniqlo = KL is on its way uppppp!!

  5. That bowl of noodles has everything thrown in - a one-bowl goodness! Too bad the porky stuff didn't measure up.

  6. I love eggs too! ;p
    I think there ws a blog contest running sometime tis year for the best ramen in Sg.
    This one came up quite a few times. cant rmbr if it eventually won or otrwise.

  7. Qwazymonkey: yep, and it's even a closer walk from pavvy compared to lot 10!
    Michelle: heh, am not a ramen expert, but I liked the one here!
    Joe: ahh, good thing they spread their wings to KL then!
    Min: Folks have been trying to assure me that uniqlo will be a major boon to KL, but I'm just not feeling it :D
    Pureglutton: oh yeah, I liked the toppings better than the noodles! :D
    Lemongrass: An egg a day keeps sadness away!
    Tng: ooh I actually hadn't heard of it until I did some research on this KL branch! Hopefully they'll find success in Msia too...

  8. ooh the ramen is looking very good. And the egg yolk is so golden yellow. Feels like having a ramen now. But at RM22 *gulped* I'll have to think twice!

  9. If u happen to stop by at Malacca, do visit us!

    or drop us a comment at

    See u soon!

  10. Eiling: ohhh, that's the priciest ramen option, but there are a few others on the menu that are less expensive!
    Anon: tnx. Malacca's my hometown actually...

  11. Great this should be my priority when visiting the new mall soon. Maybe the most affordable even?

  12. j2kfm: pretty decent prices! u can definitely get a complete meal for below RM30 (and fairly easily below RM20 too) :D

  13. noms! i want! i feel like having this for lunch but am so blardy far from it laaaaa :P

  14. ciki: heheh, take a half-day off from work and indulge! :D

  15. It is the most authentic ramen I've tasted in KL (especially after eating those at Japan). Ramen at Japin @ Sg Wang is quite authentic too and also serves japanese salarymen assortment of food.
    You can very often see Japanese men/women patronising Marutama and at times Japin.

  16. jeffrey: thanks for the recommendation! have not tried japin before, but will look for it =)

  17. OT abit : the ramens in "rich soup" is not bad. Ten-don if you like tempura(although there are those which are better), if you eat beef, then the gyu-don is not bad and pretty similar to those at their Yoshinoya/Sukiya too. basically, assortment of food which japanese eat at their 'buy coupon and eat' stores .

  18. jeffrey: alrighty ... i don't think i'll be able to remember all that, but will look up this post and your comments when i'm confronted with a ramen menu. thanks again =)