Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Talk @ Bangsar

Not exactly the jewel in Telawi's crown, but still chugging along after all these years.

Assorted sashimi. Far from top-notch, but reasonably fresh and palatable.

Unagi maki. Surprisingly good, thanks to lotsa warm, flavourful eel.

Reverse soft-shell crab maki. Also fulfilled all the requirements for a tasty roll; heartily packed with crunchy crab, crisp lettuce and cucumber.

Sizzling ox tongue. Tender and peppery, though rather thinly sliced.

Sake Melontini & Rusty Nail (drambuie, scotch).

The Talk,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.


  1. I miss unagi maki from iketeru. huhuhuhuhu T_____T

  2. michelle: i can't recall when's the last time i had that either :D

  3. The Talk??? Oh my.. probably passed it all the time while in Bangsar area..its on the "main" telawi" (as in most popular stretch of telawi) but never looked appealing enough to check it out..

  4. I didn't know The Talk is still opened!! One remembers those old days they used to have an art gallery on top of the restaurant.

  5. one of the grand old dame of Telawi! it's amazing they're still around when the more happening places all shut down :D

    Btw, congrats, you're mentioned in Sunday Star!

  6. wow this look good to me..wuts the price range like?

  7. tng: oh ya, definitely not one of the top 10 places that i'd recommend at telawi. but it seems like a real survivor =)
    boo: ooh, that might have been before i came to kl! yep, as far as i can recall, the talk has always been around at telawi :D
    babe_kl: thanks for the alert! i'm actually abroad right now, but i managed to check it out online =)
    cindy: it's quite moderate. probably can have a decent meal for RM30-50 (without drinks)...

  8. The talk doesn't sound like a japanese restaurant.

  9. eiling: yeah, but the menu is 100 percent japanese, heheh