Friday, September 24, 2010

Latest Recipe

This bright, spacious outlet is best known for its bountiful buffet spread, but its a la carte offerings shouldn't be overlooked.

Service is warm and attentive, despite the swelling crowds during peak hours.

Snow crab with marinated heirloom tomato & apricot balsamic dressing. A treat for those of us who adore crab meat, but loathe the messiness of shells.

Five-spices beef soup with quinoa & coriander leaves. Tasted nearly home-cooked, generously filled with tender beef chunks.

Peking Duck spring rolls, with turnips, cucumber, bean sprouts, bean curd & spicy plum sauce. Healthy, but less flavourful than regular rolls at Chinese outlets.

Crespelle di Funghi (mushroom-filled crepes in herb cream reduction with white truffle oil). Best shared; a carb-laden recipe that might grow a bit cloying by the end.

Hot smoked salmon with wasabi noodles, enoki mushroom salad and vinegar ponzu sauce. Refreshingly light and thoroughly satisfying, thanks to the succulent fish.

Venison satay. Not quite as meaty or flavoursome as the best roadside versions. Or maybe chicken really is the best ingredient for making satay.

Coffee cream on sacher biscuit & crunchy praline with banana crumble tart. A light dessert with decadent flavours, sweet and satisfying.

Orange mascarpone cream on almond florentine & warm date cake. The cream seemed a bit stiff and hardened, but everything else on this plate was well-prepared.

Cabernet Sangiovese, Col Di Sasso, Castello Banfi (Italy); Pinotage, Two Oceans (South Africa); Shiraz, Wolf Blass Bilyara (Australia).

Sauvignon Blanc, Marques de Riscal (Spain); Semillon Chardonnay, Two Oceans (South Africa); Chardonnay, Wolf Blass Bilyara (Australia).

Suzie Wong (citron vodka, cointreau, lemon juice, lime cordial) & Meridien (white rum, apple schnapps, chambord, grapes, mint leaves, lime, apple juice).

Latest Recipe,
Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.


  1. my mom and dad always frequent this place because of the card, :)

  2. michelle: the discount is definitely worthwhile! :D

  3. Oooh. Looks good!
    (Yay! De-shelled crab - perfeccccct)

  4. Nice name for an outlet - sure hope they update their offerings regularly ;-)

  5. j: heheh, yeah, i'm usually too lazy to scrape crab meat out of its shell! :D
    pureglutton: i think so! probably at least once every three/four months =)

  6. Hi Sean,

    Greetings from Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for writing this wonderful review and beautiful pictures. We are glad you enjoyed your meal at Latest Recipe. We hope to have you again in the future.

    Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

  7. Saved a lot heh?? Another week to go so quickly utilised it ok??? Me not planning to renew the card coz Jenn's pregnant & immobilility~

  8. Damian: no worries. We enjoyed our dinner here and definitely hope to be back many times!
    Leo: am away from KL until the end of the month! But yeah, the card has helped a lot! :D

  9. Am back from Krabi! Yay. But I'm guessing now you're trekking all over the Alps, eh?

    I was at Le Meridien this Tuesday for a workshop but alas, had to fly off to Singapore before sampling the Latest Recipe. :(

  10. Ahhh... must use the card quick!~

    Suzie Wong?? HEhe.. that 'Suzie Wong' eh?
    And the desserts somehow jz looks sooo b cos I've been deprived of desserts fr a while. Yea..hv not been eating well lately..

  11. lfb: the alps are hundreds of kilometers away from me! but i have been trekking on steep slopes these past few days, much to the dismay of my feet! :D
    tng: ohh, do take care of your health, ok. u still need all your nutrition, especially since u sometimes fall sick easily...

  12. I think your feet will be much glad that they aren't on the actual slopes of the Alps then... :P

  13. wah they even have a cocktail named suzie wong?!! Lol.

  14. Lfb: every other part of my body is glad too! I like cold climates, but not freezing ones! :D
    Eiling: and it tasted good too! =)

  15. Thanks for writing about their ala carte food cos we tend to stick to the buffet which I'm getting pretty sick of them

  16. babe_kl: yeah, i think i prefer the a la carte here compared to the buffet! reasonably priced too :D