Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Il Primo @ Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur

Here's the concluding chapter in our Il Primo trilogy.

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Amuse bouche of potatoes topped with tomatoes, alongside squid stuffed with sushi rice. Creative stuff; almost filling enough to be starters in their own right.

Yakinomo combo, featuring skewers of beef tongue, shishamo, chicken, beef teriyaki, chicken liver & quail eggs. Smoky and savory, but pricey at 88 ringgit.

Yellowfin tuna tartar with cold dashi soup. A saltier substitute for sashimi.

Baked Nova Scotia lobster, with olive oil drip. Sensationally succulent.

Australian aged air-dried bone in rib. A whopper that might satisfy four starving carnivores.

Duck fat-roasted potatoes. Evil carbs combine forces with sinful fat.

Verona chocolate fondant. Desserts here look pretty but taste rather average.

Vanilla bavarois with passion fruit.

Complimentary macarons & chocolates.

Bramble (gin, blackberry syrup, lemon squeeze) & Mango Berry Margarita (tequila, gran marnier, mango, lime syrup, strawberry puree).

Konrad Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc & Cesari Nibai Soave DOC '06.

Harvey Bristol Cream Sherry & Taylor's Special Tawny Port Wine.

Il Primo,
Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Duck fat-roasted potatoes?? Yummy!
    I think i wil go fr the air dried beef too, cos it didnt look too dried up! ;p
    And worth tryin cos its different!

  2. tng: yep, there's both quality and quantity in the menu here! i'm looking forward to returning eventually :D

  3. The amuse bouche looks really really "eat me"!

  4. michelle: oh yeah, it's nice when chefs take the extra effort to craft something so good that isn't even on the regular menu! :D

  5. talking about duck fat, u can get it in the supermarkets tempting i tell you!

    alternatively, the duck breasts they sell here, emits enough fat for you to roast your own potatoes too.

  6. you know my friends disagree with my review for il primo, they thought it should be lower. But i do see potential in this restaurant. Vast Varieties that was well carried out, but i do agree that their desserts were just average with rooms for improvement

  7. joe: wow, i assume there'd be even more fat emitted from other parts of the duck then! i guess chicken fat wouldn't work as well for cooking potatoes, rite...
    augustdiners: yeah, with such a wide menu here, i wasn't surprised that there were several misses. i think the seafood and meat items are mainly hits, but i'd skip the japanese and asian sections of the menu for now...

  8. wow i'm fascinated with the duck fat roasted potatoes! Maybe i should try making my own some pork lard roasted potatoes! yum yum

  9. eiling: ya, try and let us know how it goes! the duck fat gave an interesting flavor to the potatoes. not duck flavor, but the potatoes tasted fatty, fluffy and smoky :D