Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kobe Gyu Taku

In a district booming with Japanese eateries, this one specializes in grilled beef.

Couldn't resist the Tokusen Gyusashi, a luscious recipe comprising tender raw beef with a quail egg. A puny portion, but supremely satisfying in both taste and texture.

A selection of Wagyu rib-eye & short ribs for the BBQ.

Sizzlingly succulent stuff, with a full-flavored beefiness to thrill meat-lovers.

Beef organs _ such as the heart _ are also available for the yakiniku.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tongue, lightly seasoned with natural salt.

Bibimbap. A bit bland compared to versions at top Korean outlets.

Sesame and citrus-flavoured ice cream for a cold finish.

Wine is available here, but only by the bottle.

Kobe Gyu Taku,
52, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya.


  1. Yums! Tongue, heart, i eat them all too ;p

  2. So is this a japanese or korean eatery?

  3. does this place specialise in Kobe too?

  4. Tng: yeah, shouldn't let these parts of the cow go to waste!
    Michelle: hmmm, predominantly Japanese! With a few Korean touches
    Eiling: they have premium beef, but very pricey!

  5. Hope you've safely travelled from Lisbon to Madrid by now, mate. And why on earth are you replying comment while on holiday? Disappear, my friend, disappear and enjoy a world without blog posts! :P

  6. haha, however did you find this place? considering it's all the way in subang. i go there quite often for kobe beef. :)

  7. lfb: heh, i take a few minutes every couple of days to try to keep up with blogs! it helps me feel connected with the folks back home :D
    augustdiners: fortunately, i have a friend who lives in subang :D
    joe: beef-topia! =)

  8. this place good?

    Seems to have very mixed reviews @.@

  9. Ulric: wow, this is quite a blast from the past. i think it's OK, definitely decent, though it's rather costly for the better beef. i'm not sure it's worth the prices =)

  10. Where else can you suggest for Yakiniku?...

  11. Ulric: i think Daidomon at great eastern mall at jalan ampang is decent. spacious & bright environment, reasonable prices, and good quality (though my last visit was years ago)...

  12. Thanx a bunch Sean...need to satisfy my Yakiniku cravings once I m back from Kuching next week :D

  13. Ulric: wow, cat city! okies, have a safe trip, and hope you get to enjoy some great sarawak laksa and other kuching delicacies, heheh =)

  14. Thanx...Sarawak laksa n Kolo I come...nom nom nom! :D