Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ribs by Vintry @ Damansara

One of the most popular outlets on this street, with good reason. It's possible to have a fulfilling meal here even without ordering any of their famed ribs.

Pork neck satay with peanut sauce. Not as meaty or smoky as the best satay, but still tasty enough to merit a recommendation.

Cheese cubes battered & pan-fried, drizzled with honey. Lacked that melt-in-the-mouth quality to make it perfect, but the cheese's savoriness went well with the sweetness of the honey.

Pumpkin soup with pork bacon. Warm, creamy comfort; as excellent as it sounds.

Chef's Pasta, a tomato-based spaghetti pan-fried with Chinese sausage, pork bacon, sliced mushrooms & pork croutons. Absolutely addictive, thanks to its rich, flavorsome sauce. We also loved the large, crunchy croutons of pork lard.

Pork ribs sauteed in butter cream & curry leaves-infused sauce. Could have used some bread to mop up the thick, robust gravy.

BBQ pork ribs. Their signature dish really satisfies, though I'm inclined to believe that Checkers nearby still serves chunkier, more succulent ribs.

Beef ribs braised with red wine herb sauce. Tender, but the sauce was too salty and overpowering. Would it be sacrilegious to say we prefer Tony Roma's?

Vintry Sundae, with seven layers of ice cream, nuts, blueberry sauce, cornflakes, corn, mixed cereal & fresh grapes. Both fun and delicious to eat.

Tiramisu. No raves, but no complaints.

Two Of A Kind Shiraz Cabernet & Konrad Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Two of a Kind Shiraz Cabernet '07.

Ribs by Vintry,
Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights.

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  1. reminder to self:
    I wasn't too impressed with the tiramisu ;p

  2. oohh the butter ribs was good as far as i could remember from my last trip.

    the rest were well almost generic recipes..

  3. michelle: hope u get one soon!
    tng: u might like the ribs at checkers, but don't have your hopes up too high!
    joe: yeah, but i guess this place is hard to beat for its combination of quantity and quality :D

  4. wow lap cheung in pasta??? I wud like to try that one!

  5. babe_kl: yeah, fusion food at its yummiest! :D

  6. I was there just the other night, had the Chef's Pasta too... but I didn't quite like the lapcheong in it - i thought it was kinda misplaced, hehe! Loved the other porky bits though.

  7. pureglutton: maybe we narrowly missed each other there! hope to bump into you some other time :D

  8. aah i haven't been to this outlet. the one in Jaya 33 doesn't serve pork.

  9. eiling: yeah, this one is more worthwhile, thanks to the non-halal factor, heheh