Sunday, September 12, 2010

M Bar @ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

HCMC Part VI: This colonial-era hotel's eighth-floor bar boasts a brilliant view.

The Saigon river is a sight for sore eyes _ more entrancing than the city. It reminded us that truly terrific waterfront F&B outlets are sorely lacking in KL (the man-made lakes in Kelana Jaya, the Mines and Bandar Manjalara seem too ... artificial).

Afternoons here are idyllic; the crowds only come out at night.

Tie Me Up (vodka, triple sec, galliano, pineapple juice).

Majestic Martini (ciroc vodka, grand marnier, lime juice, cranberry juice) & Happy Saigon (vodka, malibu, triple sec, orange juice).

Customers who crave air-conditioning can retreat indoors to the hotel's lobby level, where the Cyclo Cafe offers calm and comfort.

M Bar & Cyclo Cafe,
Majestic Hotel,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


  1. All your posts & pics are showing a beautiful sight of HCMC!
    Quite the oppo of what I ahve envisioned.

  2. tng: heheh, i guess most cities have both beautiful and not-so-pretty areas. there are parts of hcmc that are rather sad to look at too...

  3. I see french influences in the architecture...

  4. Hahaha, I spilled coffee all over myself when I read Mines and Menjalara in the same breath as Saigon river. You're right, KL doesn't do becoming waterfronts. I get a perfect view of the Klang River from my work place and its enduring impression is a gushing torrent of rubbish. I need about six cocktails usually to drown out that nasty sight!

  5. Michelle: ooh issit? I'm an architecture dummy; I wouldn't know French influences from italian :D
    Min: ya, where does all that rubbish come from anyways?! Sigh, I suppose it's an indictment on us, as the residents of the klang valley, that we cannot keep our rivers clean...

  6. I think it's very nice to sip on cocktails while enjoying the view outside on a cool evening. wished I can do this here. sigh...

  7. Eiling: maybe u'll get a work assignment here sometime. Or simply a regular vacation! :D