Eat Drink KL: Tanzini @ G Tower

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tanzini @ G Tower

We delved deeper into Tanzini's menu, hoping it would yield hidden gems.
Click here for earlier entry on Tanzini (August 10).

To be sure, the food here would leave us contented if we were at Delicious or Alexis. Most of the offerings are less run-of-the-mill than, say, Italiannies', while prices and portions are reasonable. Service is sunny and pleasant.

But the bar has been raised too high. With a setting like this, we'd love to see a menu that truly ignites the imagination and thrills the taste buds, especially since this is a full-fledged restaurant, not a bar or a club.

Rigatoncini with lamb ragout & pencil asparagus. The pasta was well-prepared, while the accompaniments tasted fresh and tangy. But this would still be one of the lesser dishes at restaurants like Il Lido and Favola.

Saffron risotto with pan-seared scallops. The scent of saffron was absent in this pale concoction. But if you ignore that setback, this was decent enough, since the rice wasn't porridgey and the scallops were meaty.

Red mullet with shellfish guazzetto. Kinda overcooked and oversalted. Not a memorable fish _ nearly indistinguishable from sea bass, taste-wise.

Orecchiette with smoked duck pancetta, broccoli, rosemary & parmesan. The tastes and textures on this plate never truly came together. Maybe the slivers of meat were to blame; they were tough and sodium-packed, like Chinese Peking Duck leftovers.

Desserts fared better. The tiramisu with freshly toasted Lavazza coffee beans was soft, creamy and aromatic _ pretty much as satisfying as non-alcoholic tiramisu can get.

Veloute of bittersweet chocolate. Velvety decadence. We ended on the right note.

Campana (bombay sapphire gin, martini rosso) & Cruento Martini (martini rosso, campari, orange juice, sparkling wine).

G City Club Hotel, G Tower,
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Closed on Sundays.


  1. It's really a pity that the please doesn't leave you on a high... well at least their food doesn't. Eh why don't you just take over and run it like your dream Over the Top place you were talking about? :P

  2. Qwazymonkey: I'm still gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope that this place gets better by the end of 2010! aiyo, I wouldn't be able to afford even a quarter of the rental here. The most i could do right now is open a tiny cafe at ss2 :D

  3. Too many Italian places. If the food doesnt stand out then it's just another Italian joint.
    I guess it's good to have Favola & il Lido setting the bar here. And yea, Prego too. Nw tht they seem to be back on track

  4. Tng: yeah, I can envision this place doing well because of the ambiance, but I'm hoping they won't be complacent about the food. Maybe it's teething problems. Let's give them a few months to see how it pans out...

  5. I like the look of the chocolate veloute. :)

  6. sounds bad hor, and on another note, i see the same vege being used, u got asparagus in the 1st 3 dishes! they r being abit boring, arent they?

  7. Maybe I'll just go there for the desserts, then... cos forget about the food, the view is amazing! :D

  8. No doubt they have an amazing ambience but I think the food is equally important. I think from your description, they have lots to do now!

  9. The Veloute is seriously testing my does someone even begin to resist it?? Wish it had some compote to sit on. The few berries scattered around it doesn't do much.

    Mains really need a revamp. If the view and the sweets can be fabulous, then why not the main course? Tsk tsk..

  10. michelle: thankfully, it both looked and tasted good! :D
    joe: ooh, y'know what, i didn't even realize that until u pointed it out! luckily i like asparagus, heheh =)
    lfb: i'm trying to recall if there's a particular vantage point where u can watch the sun set from inside the restaurant. that might be a nice setting for a marriage proposal :D
    eiling: yep, the first step should be to reduce the salt content in their dishes! =)
    elrond: oops, i didn't realize u had a sweet tooth! if i had known, i would have ordered desserts the other night :D

  11. You are right - that rissotto has nothing "saffrony" about it - not even the colour!

  12. pureglutton: yeah, this problem happens with saffron at many places, where it's listed as an ingredient on the menu, but it's actually not there! very frustrating...

  13. is there a sky lounge at Gtower, or just this restaurant?

  14. augustdiners: there's a bar, but it's currently for hotel guests and club members only. here's a review ...

  15. If you are referring to something similar to sky lounge or sky bar, G Tower has the Bridge Bar and "Tien" to excite both your eyes and your lifestyle for the night. These two are one of the few highlights of the building itself.

    Imagine that you are able to live the lifestyle of the posh at a price that you can enjoy. Won't that be something good? =)I wasn't able to taste the food, so can't really comment. But if its feeling and the exposure you want, G Tower's Bridge Bar and "Tien" as well as Tanzini is a place you would want to try. Trust me.

  16. Lee: oh yeah, it's definitely good for bars to take advantage of kl's skyline! :D