Friday, September 10, 2010

Wine Bar Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

HCMC Part IV: Perched on the 23rd floor for one of the loftiest views in Ho Chi Minh City. There isn't a truly dramatic backdrop though _ this could have been KL in the late '80s, without the Petronas towers and other skyscrapers.

We were fortunate to arrive here after a sudden downpour had ended; the balcony was wet, but the weather was comfortably cool and breezy.

Creative cocktails: Spiced Margarita (tequila, cointreau, peach puree, saffron spice mix) & Paddle-Pop Mojito (bacardi light, watermelon, lychee, mint, citrus).

Grassy Knolls (bombay sapphire gin, lemongrass, lychee) & Milano Martini (grey goose vodka, sugar syrup, watermelon, lime, Italian basil).

Wine Bar,
Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


  1. Blue Grassy Knoll is an australian band. :P

  2. Nice wall art behind the bar.

    And to Joe: For Sean, the alchohol is the food lah, no? :P

  3. should have included in the crawl as well... went there recently and it was excellent! an almost unobstructed 360 view of the city...

  4. michelle: heheh, i assume they play bluegrass music (not my favorite genre!) :D
    joe: this was the warm-up for the food! :D
    lfb: that art would blend in nicely in my apartment, heh. anyway ya lah, there are loads of calories in cocktails. theoretically, u could fuel your body for the entire day on booze alone (add milk for protein, vitamins and minerals)
    nicotinegum: hmmmm, wonder why that place didn't show up in my searches. maybe it was more recently opened...

  5. And I wouldn't be surprised if you have indeed fueled an entire day or week on booze alone. :{

  6. Wahh..didja juz visit every hotel in the city? ;p

  7. Lfb: maybe we really should try a week of cocktails only and see if it works for weight loss. Not an economical diet plan though :p
    Tng: some of the nicest f&b outlets there are in the hotels :D

  8. It should work for certain weight loss in the bank account area, though, ja?

  9. Lfb: my bank account might soon be weightless, post-Europe ... Why, it might even defy gravity :p

  10. wah you really know how to enjoy cocktails. I know nothing about them actually.. so i always order a mojito or a lychee martini

  11. Eiling: interesting, many women tend to enjoy cocktails. But I guess u've developed a stronger liking for whisky and wine :D anyways I like mojitos too, they're one of the great classics!