Friday, January 14, 2011

My Cookbook

My Cookbook: Round Two. Click here for earlier entry (Dec. 29, 2010).

Giant wonton with homemade chili sauce. Worth trying; the dumpling skin was lusciously soft, concealing succulent bits of chicken. Light enough to be a starter, but still sufficient for sharing.

Chicken rice with chicken rolls. We enjoyed the fairly fragrant rice, but the true star of this platter was the achingly tender, flavorfully smoked chicken roulade.

Fried kuey teow with duck egg & prawns. A sizable serving of a sweet-&-savory pleasure, with roughly the right amount of 'wok hei' to satisfy.

Desserts were encouragingly creative. The homemade black sesame ice cream with oat congee & sweet corn proved to be a treat _ rich, smooth ice cream, complemented by accompaniments that yielded unorthodox tastes and textures.

Yam ice cream with chilled avocado puree & black sesame bean curd.

Durian ice cream with pumpkin puree & black glutinous rice.

Black sesame ice cream with barley & soybean milk with peanut bean curd.

Wine is available by the glass. Deakin Estate, Artisan Blend Chardonnay Pinot Grigio (Australia) & Cono Sur Tocornal Sauvignon Blanc (Chile).

Artisan Blend Shiraz Viognier & Cono Sur Tocornal Merlot.

My Cookbook,
A-12, Sunway Giza Mall,
Sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 6140-6113
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  1. OMG!!! I should have come here instead of that disastrous Lucky dessert place! Urghhh!
    The desserts looks sublime!!

  2. Tng: the combination of flavors in each bowl of dessert seemed quite unique! Durian with pumpkin ... Black sesame with oats ... And my fave, yam with avocado! :D

  3. Ah! Just went there on Wed night to try the prawn dishes! :)

  4. This is stunning! I've recently been made to reconsider my disdain of oats for health reasons, and that first dessert looks like a spruced up version of breakfast!

  5. Eh... new outlet? Gotta check it out soon! I love this place.. not too cramp and easy to find parking!

  6. The combination of oats and black sesame ice cream sounds really interesting!

  7. wow, 2nd visit already. the food here does look interesting especially the desserts. I love black sesame ice-cream and i think i have to try this.

  8. j: hope u enjoyed them! i like how they put creative touches into all their recipes, and it's usually successful! :D
    min: ahhh, i haven't learned to love oats either. though if you added a splash of brandy into a bowl of oats, i'd definitely consider eating it! =)
    leo: ya, parking is still quite a breeze, but the trouble is fighting the traffic to reach this place, heheh!
    michelle: yep, i'm not a major fan of desserts, but couldn't help sampling the ones here. not sure which one was my favorite, since all of them were nice :D
    eiling: oh yeah, the ice cream here is good. pretty flavorsome, and the texture is satisfying, not too hard or frosty =)

  9. No see hum in the char kway teow? Hehe. Btw, Devil & I are deciding to call GFAD the Nasi Lemak Queen and you the See Hum Queen, er, King, er... nevermind. :P

  10. Lfb: wheee! All shall bow before me, the absolute monarch of mollusks! And yes, I think nasi lemak kerang would make a splendid union! :D

  11. ROFL. The NL Queen would certainly be pleased to read your proposal. ;)

  12. lfb: excellent. as her loyal subject, you must inform her highness that she may dispatch a royal dowry of precious, pandan-wrapped grains to me, at any time that she sees fit :D

  13. I'm no one's subject, my friend, no one's subject but the subject of my own wistful, beating heart... :P

  14. Lfb: "the subject of my own heart" ... Eeks, is that a roundabout way of describing yourself as self-absorbed?!? Heehee :D

  15. Eh and I thought this place which was so packed, was another Wong Kok or Kim Gary like affair!
    aiks.... to GIZA!!!

  16. j2kfm: yaa, it looks deceptively dull from outside! though i love the outlet's name :D

  17. I have also tried. very good restaurant !!!

  18. umeko: glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D