Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Busaba: Round Two. Click here for earlier entry (December 27, 2010).

Keen on enjoying an egg-ceptional meal? Read on.

Stir-fried century eggs with hot basil leaves. Creamy eggs with juicy minced chicken, tinged with peppery and herbal accents. We could have happily eaten this all night long (and for breakfast the next morning).

Green curry with fish balls stuffed with egg yolk. The fish balls were springy and tasted fresh, but the yolks left scant impression, overwhelmed perhaps by the complexity of the curry.

Fish maw soup with chicken, crab meat & quail eggs. Seemed wholesome and nutritious, brimming with plenty of ingredients _ except quail eggs, of which there were only two.

Oyster omelet. Soft, fluffy and expertly prepared with no excess oil.

Desserts were decent, though eggs had no role in them. Prices were predictably high, of course _ this mango & sticky rice with luk chub (sweet green bean paste wrapped in jelly) cost around RM20 (including government tax and service charge).

Steamed tapioca topped with coconut cream. Warm and sweet, but stodgy.

Evan & Tate Salisbury Chardonnay.

Chinese tea & hot chocolate.

Busaba Heavenly Thai Restaurant,
F15, 1st Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2093-7708


  1. Hmmm.. high end thai dining...I think i ll try dancing fish first than anythin else here ;)

  2. Tng: ya, I preferred the food at dancing fish too ... Though busaba has a better wine selection :D

  3. That century egg dish is making my Wednesday wiggle! It sounds absolutely mind-blowing! I wonder if it's worth a kitchen experiment or two - sounds pretty straightforward...

  4. have you tried Thai food with sake? it sounds weird but it does make a good combi. try it the next time.

  5. Oh man. So many new restaurants in BSC that I havent tried - the list is really becoming too long! :)

  6. Fish maw soup with chicken, crab meat & quail eggs!!! sounds like something i would like to eat after gym in the evening.. how heavenly !

  7. I'd probably enjoy this meal since I love eggs in any form. Looks like a really pretty place.

  8. min: if you decide to make some, do know that you have a willing guinea pig here who'll be happy to sample your recipe! :D
    eiling: nope, the trick might be finding a thai restaurant that offers sake! but sounds like a great suggestion, thanks! =)
    j: heheh, there are still lots of unoccupied shop lots in the mall, so there's definitely space for more restaurants! yay! :D
    ciki: yeah, high in good-quality protein! would be great for building muscles, rite. and quite a hearty soup too, if you're very hungry after your workout! =)
    lemongrass: greetings, egg-loving comrade! now if only scientists could figure out a way to totally expunge cholesterol from eggs (without compromising the flavor), i'd eat more of them too! :D

  9. woo.. fine Thai dining :) definitely hit the right spot for me! Did u know taht I have Thai blood flowing inside of me?? LOL

  10. leo: i think you're more capable of tackling thai food compared to me, since you can tahan spicy stuff! but be warned that the MSG levels at this place seems quite high :D

  11. i sweat one more eggtravaganza post and I'll swear them eggs off until mid year!

  12. Do you like quail eggs? :) You should eat more cos' they don't come in cheap in Melbourne!

  13. Qwazymonkey: whyyyyyy?? Join me in eggs-tasy!!! I mean ecstasy, heheh :D
    Michelle: yikes, I wonder if there's a shortage of quails down under! I lurrrrrrve quail eggs =)

  14. We went there last August 17,2012 and tried their dishes. Nice place, GREAT food! Plus friendly crews.. :D

  15. Buhay: glad to hear you enjoyed the whole experience :D