Monday, January 24, 2011

Es Para Ti

This Damansara Perdana restaurant's name means "It's for you" in Spanish _ an apt phrase, considering the staff members' enthusiastic efforts to serve satisfying fare.

Paella is a highlight here, with no less than six types available. We liked the relatively unusual "paella con costra," topped with egg. A competently executed version, flavorsome and filled with sliced sausages, pork & chicken chunks.

Spanish suckling pig. Succulent, well-marinated meat that brought out the raging carnivores in us. With convenient portion sizes of quarter, half and full-pig, this could easily become the restaurant's main attraction.

Zarzuela de Mariscos, a watery but tangy stew brimming with fresh-tasting prawns, clams, mussels, fish, squid & scallops. Sufficient for two or three people.

BBQ pork ribs. Hearty, tender and tasty enough to recommend.

Caipiroska & Long Island Iced Tea.

Richland Shiraz, Westend Estate (Australia).

The only downside: the outlet looks gloomy, no thanks to a shortage of customers.

Es Para Ti,
Jalan PJU 8/3, Emerald Plaza East, Damansara Perdana.
Tel: 7713-3614/ 7713-3615


  1. OMG! the dishes looks really good actually.. PORK too!
    Wht's with the Spanish resto poppin up here (w Gomera), this area aint bangsar...

  2. tng: ya, the place looks like a regular pub from outside, but the menu is surprisingly strong, and everything we tried was nicely prepared! wanted to try their pork knuckle too, but no more stomach space :D

  3. Hey food looks good lah. Why isn't there anybody? I'm sure your post will send throngs over. Pricing ok?

  4. That's a lovely (if a tad violent) backdrop to entertain the diners while they feast on safrrony paella and suckling pigs. Let's hope they get the crowd they deserve soon.

  5. Hmmmm... This reminds me that I haven't gone there to eat yet - passed by it a while back when I was in the area..... :)
    (Sean! Put an egg on anything and you like it! :P LOL)

  6. Sean have you recently moved to Damansara perdana or something? hehe just an observant from your frequent post on this area lately! :D

    or maybe it's a girl.

  7. The paella looks amazing. :)

  8. qwazymonkey: it's a bit hidden off the main road, and the exterior doesn't look very inviting :D ya, prices are fair for the food. cheaper than el meson at bangsar! =)
    lfb: for some reason, it reminded me of the album cover of coldplay's viva la vida. but yeah, i love seeing murals at restaurants! gives it an extra touch of grandeur :D
    j: ya, i was a bit hesitant too at first, especially since the signboard outside misspelled 'mediterranean fun dining' as 'fun dinning' :D and heheh, guilty as charged. an egg a day keeps the blues away =)
    augustdiners: heheh, no lar, but damansara perdana is really accessible from the penchala link, and there's alcohol aplenty at the outlets here, so it's usually a pleasure to visit :D
    michelle: i love paella! it's filling, but i try to order it every time i see it on the menu. and the one here has pork, which is kinda rare in kl :D

  9. Oh yes, that cover! That was what reminded me initially. Grandeur and War! Blood! Mayhem! Goes ever so well with a quiet dinner, I say. :D

  10. lfb: eeks. and here i thought u might have been a greek poet, strumming a lyre and learning at the feet of homer, in your previous life. turns out u were more likely part of caesar's bloodthirsty roman legion instead :D

  11. Emerald East?? Long time didn't go to that area... is it near Friendster???

  12. leo: oh yeah, same row as friendster cafe (which has changed its name to friendscino!) ya, it's quite a quiet area :D

  13. Not bloodthirsty lah. More like steakhungry (medium rare)... :P

  14. Nice looking place. Not a very catchy name...almost a tongue twister!

  15. lfb: the soldiers in the roman legion only ate wheat, barley and oats lah :P
    lemongrass: try saying it with a spanish accent! i bet that would sound sexy! :D

  16. How do you know? No steaks meh during Roman times?

  17. Sounds more Indonesian - es teler, es campur, es pokat....

  18. I have a feeling you can eat a whole suckling pig easily. Myself too. =P

  19. lfb: got steaks, but armies marching for months in foreign lands wouldn't be carrying beef around lah. ok, so maybe u weren't a roman soldier in your past life after all :D
    lemongrass: eeeee, the indonesian language isn't sexy at all. exotic maybe, but not sexy lah, ibu lemongrass =)
    bangsar-babe: heheh, if it's chinese suckling pig, without much meat on it, then sure! but these spanish-style ones tend to be rather meaty and fatty. i could definitely still eat a quarter though :D

  20. Aiya, they don't have to carry beef around lah... just plunder and pillage whatever villages and farms they come across on their marches. :D

    P.S. Don't you mean Ibu Serai? :P

    P.P.S. Though, given the recent renaming by the Marufukuans, it's probably Ibu Limau... Hehe.

  21. lfb: wah, i didn't think of that. u're definitely more resourceful than me. but hopefully u won't stumble on a swath of vegetarian villages then :P
    p.s. ibu, ibuuuuu, engkaulah ratu hatiku :D
    p.p.s. thankfully they got my name correct. the moral of this story is, choose simple names =)

  22. Vegetarian villages? Well then, they would be lucky to be stumbled upon by an army of me vs. Sean the Cannibal who would have found something, er, someone to eat anyways. :P

    P.S. H.R.H. no respond?

    P.P.S. You could've become Eat Drunk KL and it would still be accurate! :D

  23. lfb: since i've proven my mettle in salad-eating, i'm sure i'd have no problem laying waste to the warehouses of a vegetarian village. u and the devil, on the other hand, might have problems with a beetroot-cultivating village :D
    p.s. the queen is dead! long live the, errmm, new queen? :D
    p.p.s. i'd have sued marufuku for libel! :D

  24. I'd be fine with beetroot juiced up with tomatoes and lemons and apples. Devil, if you remember, actually liked the beetroot salad, for some reason.

    P.S. Queen Sean of the See Hum? :P

    P.P.S. Haha... It's not libel if it's true, mate... :P

  25. lfb: he CLAIMED to like, but he barely touched it! i finished 90 percent of it! then again, in all fairness, if only it had been the first salad served instead of the last, he might have been hungrier :D
    p.s. hmmmm, i'd better not try to claim any crowns. too perilous, considering how people might plot to overthrow me. don't u already know another Queen of See Hum =)
    p.p.s. actually, u'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has seen me tipsy. remember the two-thirds of a bottle last nite? no effect, heheh :D

  26. Liked ma, but too shy to take more than just a smidgen. Gotta take care of his figure, you know. :P

    P.S. No lah, that one is Nasi Lemak Queen. :P

    P.P.S. And Devil barely touched his glass some more. LOL

  27. No need to control his diet lah. Regular sex will help keep the metabolism up and running :D
    P.S. Rice queen? I thought that was MY title! :p
    P.P.S. Luckily Shaun lee wasn't there to scold u both for not guzzling your wine fast enough :D

  28. Yeah but diet control will ensure a body fit enough for regular sex ma... Hehe.

    P.S. *groans*

    P.P.S. Eh, I finished my glass at least! And with food poisoning some more, leh. I'd say that was impressive. :D

  29. Looks porky enuf to warrant a visit soon by the Babitarians, what say you? But where exactly is this place la?

  30. lfb: sounds like a chicken-and-egg conundrum! which came first, the fit body or the sex ... a question for the ages :D
    p.s. true wat :P
    p.p.s. imagine how much you could guzzle on a non-food-poisoning day. we can put that to the test sometime :D
    pureglutton: the babitarians would certainly make this place a lot more cheerful! hmmmm, i'm hopeless at giving directions. ermm, the best i can say is turn left after u enter damansara perdana :D

  31. Actually no lor, come to think of it. My body is hardly fit... but the other bit, no probs. :D

    P.S. ----
    P.P.S. Hehe, try REAL beer from Bavaria. Then watch me guzzle. :D

  32. lfb: perhaps u should seek an independent audit to verify that :P
    p.s. :D
    p.p.s. ... and watch your beer belly swell! wheeee =)

  33. this place was featured recently on, they sold over 2000 coupons for their buffet

    quite a bit of complaints though

    maybe its just their buffet that isnt good

  34. jonathan: yikes, i didn't know they even served buffets here. but hmmm, yeah, in that case, sounds like it's safer to go a la carte...

  35. wow looks like a great outlet and more than 6 paella varieties? that's just awesome.

  36. eiling: yep, i wouldn't mind trying all six varieties! :D

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