Thursday, January 6, 2011


Desperate for cocktails in Damansara Uptown? Ovo might be our only hope.

But OK, food first. The menu here offers a mixed bag of Western and Japanese favorites, though we opted strictly for the latter. This smoked marinated butterfish was excellent, with a nectarous taste and meaty texture that reminded us of pork char siew, miraculously.

Crab stick & tobiko salad. Also recommended, with lots of crisp leaves and nuts.

Don't skip the freshly shucked oysters, flown in from Washington state. A juicy, briny delight. Ovo will organize a two-hour Washington oyster & Guinness buffet on Jan. 14 for RM168++ per person _ kinda pricey, but these babies are worth it.

Soft-shell crab, crab stick & tobiko maki. Ovo's various rolls are not bad, but unexceptional. Similar to what Sakae Sushi might serve.

Unagi & avocado maki. The food takes rather long to prepare, so patience is essential.

High Voltage (whisky, triple sec, cranberry juice, soda) & Frozen Irish (vodka, bailey's, kahlua, vanilla ice cream). Could be more potent, but acceptable for RM18++.

Inventive mocktails are also available. Love Is Blind (orange syrup, egg yolk) & Love Is In The Air (snow creamer, green apple syrup, yogurt syrup).

Ovo Live Bistro,
Uptown 2, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7725-2288


  1. Wooots!
    Will be ther tonite! Didnt knw wht cuisine they serve whn i agreed to go, now I knw!
    I nd my Jap fix! ;)

  2. Not potent enough for Sean? Maybe it's Medium Voltage then. :P

  3. Fish that reminds you of char siew? Wow. Interesting..... :)
    (The Love is Blind cocktail sounds weird tho. Got egg yolk inside?? How was the taste?)

  4. tng: i suspect you'll end up also being fed with pasta and lamb from their western food section, together with some sashimi and sushi! but hopefully some oysters too :D
    lfb: actually hor, low voltage more likely. not enough to electrocute a mouse. this is one of those rare occasions when beer might actually have been preferable to cocktails =)
    j: ya, i often forget how fish can be so versatile, especially since there are so many different varieties. some can be smooth and melty, like cod, and others can be rival chicken for meatiness :D oh, the egg yolk probably made it thicker, but no distinct impact, taste-wise. maybe egg yolk is kinda bland when it's raw or mixed with other stuff...

  5. Sounds like the food was good. Kewl, now Alilfatmonkey can go and get (pretend)drunk there after a hard day's work. Smoked butterfish looks delish.

  6. Lemongrass: getting pretend drunk is definitely easy here, since their mocktails all look like cocktails! Getting really drunk might actually be harder, since their cocktails need a bigger infusion of booze :D

  7. The frozen irish looks very milky although I don't drink. If i don't know what it was, I might have gulped it down. lol.

  8. michelle: heheh, since the alcohol content is kinda low, u might not even sense it at all! :D

  9. ooh there's such a place in Uptown. Looks really good and that butterfish does look like a piece of char siew except the colour and no burnt sides.

  10. Eiling: ya, I'm kinda surprised that there aren't already a whole bunch of clubs and bars at uptown. But I guess that would only increase the parking woes in this area :D

  11. They are apparently massively stingy and unprofessional. My experience there, during a food review:

  12. marcky: yikes! i'd have been extremely unhappy too in your shoes. my visit here was with a friend on our own accord, but the food also took a long time to be served. not sure what else to say, but let's hope they learn from their mistakes and fix the flaws really soon =)

  13. I think all of us felt the same. I was the one who kena the no refill part LOL.

    But the food looks good though :D

    Hopefully they will improve their service.

  14. Andrew: gosh, that sounds like a total waste of time and effort. I really wouldn't blame you guys if you never went there again. But yeah, looks like word of mouth will be toxic for now...