Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Han Room

The Oriental Group of Restaurants' culinary dynasty has branched out to The Gardens Mall, where The Han Room was born last week, several kilometers away from its sister outlet, The Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Center.

Business was brisk on The Han Room's first Friday night, even though its entrance inside the mall was still sealed shut and customers had to exit the building to enter the restaurant.

We over-ordered slightly, since there were too many temptations on the menu. Our favorite was the fluffy scrambled eggs with white truffle oil, milk & fish maw, served with lettuce wrappings.

"Thousand-layer" bean curd. Skilfully sliced into a delicate work of art. Seemed like a shame to poke our forks into this, but it tasted top-notch _ soft and smooth.

The stewed duck wings proved finger-lickin' good. Addictively savory.

Braised egg noodles with "soon hock" fish. Irreproachable; the noodles supplied a light, springy bite and subtle eggy flavor that went so well with the fresh, firm fish.

Lobster steak in Chardonnay sauce. A tender chunk of crustacean flesh in creamy, aromatic gravy. Delicious, but kinda overshadowed by the other dishes here.

Spanish-style pork roll. Juicy meat, deboned for easy devouring.

Shatin chicken stuffed with Chinese sausages. A sweet, succulent alternative to all the other nondescript chicken recipes elsewhere.

Crab claw steamed in Chinese wine. No peeling of shells required, hurray!

Yin Yang soup (half spinach, half corn). Thick, fragrant and piping-hot.

The charcoal-braised pork rib had a lovely, smoky flavor, but was rather bony.

Abalone in whole lotus roots with broccoli. A belly-busting portion that we could barely finish. Lotus root lovers will nevertheless be in seventh heaven.

Lap mei fan, with sausages, waxed duck & veggies served separately from the rice.

Mix it all up and everything still combines flawlessly. We loved the liver sausages, which boasted an intense honey-like flavor and melt-in-the-mouth moistness.

A small selection of wine is available, but only by the bottle.

The Han Room,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City.


  1. Wahhh!! Seems top notch! Everything looks and taste good?
    Pricing? Abt the Ming's price?

  2. tng: yep, prices are comparable to the ming room. luckily the dishes are not exactly the same (though there are still lots of similarities)! :D

  3. If only crabs came this way. I don't have to chip ruin my nails trying to peel the shell. LOL

  4. bangsar-babe: my sentiments exactly (even though my nails aren't in tip-top condition anyways, heheh)! easy to just pick up and munch, fuss-free :D

  5. Spanish-style pork roll! Spanish-style pork roll! ME WANT Spanish-style pork roll! LOL.

    How come I have not been here? Grrrrr..

  6. So finally they have opened the door for business.. I used to ask myself when this place is going to start operating whenever I drove past The Garden on my way shopping in this mall... lol!
    yup!! from the pictures, you were definitely over-ordered :P
    One thing that I can't understand though... is why the shut the entrance from the mall?? I mean.. the traffic is so good from the inside!

  7. The thousand layer tofu got me whoa! It's really difficult to slice tofu up in such a manner!

  8. ciki: i'm waiting for spanish-style paella to make an appearance at chinese restaurants. maybe a cross between paella and lap mei fan? :D
    leo: ya, they opened quietly, without much fanfare. maybe there'll be an official launch before CNY, since it looks like only half of the restaurant area is open so far (the other half should be accessible from the mall later)...
    michelle: yeah, it probably takes a lotta patience and an experienced, steady hand. i don't think i'd ever be able to master that task =)

  9. I've been eating elaborate chinese dinners practically every night for the past week, and I'm still salivating over the pictures and descriptions in this post.

  10. lemongrass: tis the season to be eating chinese food (falalalala-lalalala). i was very tempted to try the yee sang here, but it seemed too daunting! :D

  11. "We over-ordered slightly" must be the understatement of the year...thus far!

    But I'm droooling!

    LL: ur salivating cos you're having plaster oats for lunch!

  12. qwazymonkey: heheh, in the end, we had to tar-pau about half of the lap mei fan, since we couldn't finish it there. hmmm, can also have oats in chinese cooking. deep-fried prawns battered in oats! :D

  13. omg you're making me salivating at the keyboard. the ming room is good and I hope this place can maintain the standards. so drooling over the lap mei fan!

  14. eiling: yeps, the lap mei fan here is tasty! only RM48++, and the portion is actually large enough for three or four people to share...

  15. Actually, its quite amazing huh to find all their outlets under the same group serves fantastic food. I was contemplating of booking here for reunion dinner cos Ming Room and Noble House were all full house. Luckily managed to get a table at another outlet!

  16. babe_kl: yikes, i haven't made any reunion dinner bookings yet! guess i should start really soon, but just feeling lazy so far, heheh. but yeah, the consistency and creativity in all their outlets are quite impressive...

  17. go try their hokkien mee!!!!! its damn awesome!!!!

  18. Eric: hey thanks! I love hokkien mee :D

  19. This is the worst restaurant I've ever taste!
    - Fish is still raw, as a fine-dining restaurant, they should not re-steam the fish as this action would spoilt the freshness of the fish (by the way, the fish is NOT FRESH at all)
    - Have you seen a fine-dining restaurant serve chicken with FUR??? yes..The Han Room did! Yet the chicken fur are all 2cm long!
    I personally think their dish does not worth the price at all! Besides, I dont feel comfortable with their servings, is kinda stress to dine in there.
    Unsatisfactory: x100!