Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Il Lido

KL's best Italian restaurant is well worth visiting this month, as chef Samuele Alvisi presents a special menu for January that features gastronomic masterworks from his home region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy.

Amuse bouche of deep-fried mozzarella cheese, before the real fun begins.

Available for only two more weeks: Pig's trotter stuffed with goose liver & served with lentil salad & sweet saba sauce. Award-worthy comfort food, with a brilliant blend of warm, mushy meat, gelatinous skin and fatty liver. Chewing optional.

Octopus terrine. Another one-of-a-kind recipe; lots of tentacles and other cephalopod parts bashed together to form thick, disc-shaped blobs. Pleasantly chewy and briny.

Homemade cappelletti stuffed with Squacquerone cheese & served with Parma ham, shallots & 25-year-old balsamic vinegar. Luxuriously light and silky, filled with gooey cheese that flowed like lava when we pierced the pasta.

Chestnut fettuccine with jumbo prawns & broccoli. Simple and straightforward; not bad if you want a fuss-free pasta dish, but tasted pretty run-of-the-mill.

Pork belly confit with garlic mashed potatoes & black truffle sauce. Similar to Chinese siew yok, with Italian flourishes. As succulent and flavorsome as meat can get, though the caramelized crackling was less crisp than we had anticipated.

Lamb shoulder stewed with herbs & Albana white wine. A basic meat-&-potatoes dish, nicely executed. Tender, rich-tasting meat, not gamy at all.

The traditional chocolate-&-vanilla bread pudding with Alchermes liquor had the texture of tiramisu, surprisingly, and a medicinal flavor that may be an acquired taste.

Peacocktini (rum, vermouth) & Mint Juleep (bourbon, mint). Possibly the most intoxicating cocktails in town. One glass and we were flying.

Robert Mondavi Rose Woodbridge 2007 & Hugel Riesling 2008.

Harvey's Bristol Cream & Taylor's Fine Tawny.

ilLido Italian Restaurant + Lounge,
Jalan Mayang, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. wowww the pig trotter looks nice...

    i still miss the sardinian roast pork!!!

  2. eric: ya, the pork trotter deserves to be on their permanent menu, next to the sardinian roast pork! :D

  3. "...Chewing optional"?
    Wow. So tender ah? Sounds good....*drool*

  4. Sean! i totally fear for your arteries! but honestly .. you r a man who knows how to enjoy the finer(fattier)things in life! i read Pig's trotter stuffed with goose liver .. but then, the dishes only kept getting richer! WOW.. great dinner.. wish i was there:)

  5. OMG what an artery-clogging porky meal, LOL! Only for January?? How can?? January is TOO full of eats (leading up to CNY & all) to fit in all the porcine delights you had - so how so how??

  6. All that in one sitting? Where does it all go? Man, that pig trotter looks bloody good!

  7. "Chewing optional"??? I almost laughed... I didn't know taht you can be funny :P
    My wife's sis went to Il Lido last 2 months and when we showed the receipt, we were like "Arrghhh!!!"

  8. Pig's trotters and goose liver. Wow, a little OTT no? I miss il Lido, though. Been months since I last visited.

  9. michelle: nope, it tasted, ermm, tasty! :D
    j: oh yeah, i bet it'd even work as baby food, since it's all soft and squishy =)
    ciki: i should so stay away from pork, liver and other cholesterol-high food for at least a week, rite! :D
    pureglutton: ya, hopefully they'll extend this promo for another month maybe ... or have a sequel to it! =)
    unka: yep, we were so stuffed after that, we could barely finish dessert ... which was strange, since there's usually always space for dessert! :D
    leo: ya, the prices are definitely scarier compared to most other italian restaurants. but on the other hand, it's justified, since the quality is great! =)
    lemongrass: if OTT means Outrageously Tasty & Terrific, then yeah! this would be a good month to return here, though i'm sure they'll have several other interesting promos in the months to come :D

  10. You had me at "hello trotter" :)

  11. qwazymonkey: and goodbye, healthy eating! :D

  12. hahaha you guys are hilarious lah! OTT for Outrageously Tasty and Terrific? :D

    Thanks Sean! Am so, so glad you enjoyed your dinner!

  13. lyla: am totally looking forward to your next promo! loved the truffle campaign last october as well, and i wish i had been around in kl for the 'wild game' month! :D

  14. LOL! I had this in mind whn I got the newsletter. Even emailed Lyla immediately. But it would seem tht I'm not in KL much tis Jan. Missing out on quite a lot of food promos ;(

  15. tng: ya, it's been quite a busy month for food promos and openings. but it looks like things should slow down after the chinese new year season...

  16. the food here sure looks good but and that Pig's trotter stuffed with goose liver is like the ultimate sinful dish. look at the fats!!!

  17. Eiling: ya, it would be scary to think of the cholesterol and calories in it ... But I guess since we're still healthy (hopefully!), we can still indulge =)