Saturday, January 1, 2011


We can't help loving Gelare's ice cream. So sumptuously smooth, rich and thick.

Two cups, containing two scoops each. On the left, a combo of chocolate overload & honey malt crunch; on the right, Oregon mint fudge & chocolate chip cookie dough. The flavors available here are the perfect fit for our taste buds, with lots of sweet, milky varieties.

Chocolate chip waffle with maple syrup & three scoops of ice cream: caramel fudge brownie, Swiss chocolate caramel and rum & raisin.

Vanilla ice cream cake. Too much ice cream? There's no such thing!

Cookies & cream ice cream shake.



  1. Ice-cream. A perfect way to start a new year. :D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2011 be filled with... uhm, foie gras and see hum? :P

  2. Hhmm.. i didnt had such a great experience here. Was your visit recent?
    maybe they improved ! ;p

  3. You should try hokkaido ice cream!

  4. lfb: how apt that u're my first commenter of 2011! i shudder to imagine the hundreds of comments (or thousands!) that we'll have exchanged by the time this year is through :D
    tng: this visit was in october or november, i think! yikes, i hope they haven't gone downhill since then!
    michelle: i have, and i love it too! but then again, i usually enjoy ice cream very easily =)

  5. ROFL. I didn't mean to be the first though. It just happened, I swear!

    It wasn't like I was Jemima waiting in the wings and swooping down to steal the 100th and 200th comments respectively from you during one of our more productive (or do I mean less productive) comment-a-thons last year. :P

  6. I used to pig out on these very gelato when I was a student in Perth. They are mega huge there and every Tuesdays (or was it wednesdays?) waffles would be on 50% off. The heavenly scent of those waffles release when they are cookin was just unforgettable especially in winter. But of course these days the people of sunny Perth have other addictions.

    Too bad the brand didn't last the last round they were here. Hope they'll stay. And i really wish they bring in Cookie Dough and Pralines & Cream. Drools!

  7. What a sweet start to 2011! May u have abundant sweetness throughout the year, hehe!

  8. lfb: oooh, i wouldn't mind having my own personal jemina-type commenter on this blog ... someone who swoops in to be the 11th commenter on the 11th of november, 2011, or something like that! :D
    qwazymonkey: hey, i just realized i'm confused over whether this place sells regular ice cream, like baskin-robbins, or gelato, like bar italia. i thought it was ice cream, though i could have been wrong. but in any case, cookie dough sounds excellent (that's my favorite flavor for ben & jerry's)! :D
    pureglutton: thanks! may your ang koo kuehs always turn out perfect in color and perfect in sweetness! i'm sure they will :D

  9. well, the brand started out as a italian gelato place. But i think after rebranding, they became ice creams. No wonder the people of Perth do go there much these days. Sighs. Another one bites the dust.

  10. Qwazymonkey: ahh okie. It would be interesting to find a place that sells BOTH gelato AND regular ice cream! But I'd skip sorbet, since I'm not a fan of that :D

  11. happy new year and hope you have a good year with lots of food adventures!

  12. eiling: heheh, thanks, i wish the same! (with lots of cigars and whisky too) :D