Sunday, January 30, 2011

Up & Up

First off, nope, the service team here assured us that Up & Up in Puchong has no ties to the well-known restaurant of the same name in Ipoh.

Basic Chinese cuisine is the name of the game here, mainly food that can be prepared at home. This chicken in a bucket was a sight to behold, with everything from the head to the claw thrown into the pot. Tender meat, soaked in soup that tasted healthy and nutritious.

Braised pork knuckle. Succulent stuff, particularly the lovely skin.

Steamed fish head. Firm, fresh and fleshy, but with lots of thin, tiny bones.

Steamed pork. Boasted a nice savoriness, thanks to a judicious infusion of salted fish.

Pork slices with yam. Always, always, always a pleasure.

Steamed egg. Smooth and lusciously silky.

Crisp veggies to round off a simple but satisfactory dinner.

Up & Up Restaurant,
26, Jalan Puteri 1/5, Bandar Puteri Puchong.


  1. Chicken head freaks me out big time! Eeck

  2. Qwazymonkey: heheh, I wouldn't usually eat it either ... unless it's deep-fried to a crunchy crisp! :D

  3. Wah you dare eat chicken head if its deep fried???? How does that taste like?

  4. Hmm, who wouldathunk? Sean Eats Drinks Simple Chinese Fare? Not a truffle or foie gras in sight. I'm impressed, sir! :)

  5. Deep fried chicken head? How does that make it more palatable?! That pork & yam looks lovely, but not quite as lovely as the one Mom just dished up here in Penang! I love CNY! :-D

  6. Sounds like a hakka restaurant!

  7. How can u eat the chicken as it stares accusingly at you? :p

  8. baby sumo: oooh, it's been ages since i had it, but i recall it tastes like chicken cartilage with the crunchiness of keropok :D
    lfb: merely a brief glitch in the system. tomorrow's post should be the polar opposite of this one (with lots of creatures from the ocean, and not a chicken head in sight!) =)
    min: happy to hear u're back in your hometown safely (and so early too!). here's wishing you a week filled with the most satisfying of food (though we'd expect nothing less from glorious penang!) :D
    michelle: oh ya, puchong seems to be packed with hakka restaurants! wonder if plenty of hakka people live here =)
    j: heheh, just think of it as similar to a fish head or a suckling pig's head. i love fish head, especially scraping out the gooey, glutinous eyes! :D

  9. Hmm, lots of sea creatures, eh? Where did you return to, the Black Lagoon? :P

    (Don't blame me for my obscure reference; I'm blur blur from all the last-minute CNY shopping.)

  10. is the Up & Up from Ipoh a restaurant for curry fish head?

  11. lfb: oops! the 'sea creatures' post has been postponed for a day or two, cos i had no time to write! :D and eep! i haven't done any CNY shopping yet! all i have are two new t-shirts that were gifts from some friends!
    eiling: ya, the one in penang is famed for fish head curry. this one has fish head too, but they insisted they're a stand-alone restaurant :D