Saturday, January 29, 2011


When we first visited this outlet in March 2010, Canoodling was still called "It's A Noodle Bar." Its subsequent name change came with an expanded menu that seems to be a real crowd-pleaser.

Canoodle Oodle of Noodles. A Greyhound Thailand-inspired recipe, featuring steamed silken rice noodle sheets with iceberg lettuce, coriander, marinated minced chicken in dark soy & spicy garlic sauce _ all to be assembled in little parcels in a DIY-fashion. Food that's both fun for the fingers and titillating for the taste buds.

Hong Kong yee mee with braised duck leg & wood ear fungus in duck soy. Springy noodles, aromatic meat. For about RM10 per bowl, the noodles here are the most reasonably priced treats in this mall.

Pan Mee _ handmade noodles with light soy sauce, anchovies & poached egg. Served with dry chili & fish ball soup. Addictive; the ravishingly runny yolk makes all the difference.

Hakkasan Noodles, inspired by Hakkasan London. Stir-fried glass noodles with cod, dace fish, fermented soybeans & bitter gourd. Sounded like a potentially bland dish and looked like a small serving, but this turned out to be both filling and fulfilling.

Pasta Pad Thai _ linguine stir-fried with prawns, squid, egg & bean sprouts, garnished with coriander & peanuts. A creative twist that thoroughly succeeded.

Charcoal noodles with Thai red curry, lychee & crispy duck leg confit. Let's face it: there's nothing really bad to say about the noodles here. This was another winner, thanks to the creamy, fantastically fragrant curry.

Dan Dan Mein _ noodles tossed in Szechuan sauce with minced chicken, curly cucumber & peanuts. A fun fusion of flavors _ meaty, nutty and mildly spicy.

Desserts are worth sampling, though the tau foo fah is one of the mediocre ones.

Sweet potato soup with peanut tong yuen dumplings.

Gandum Cha Cha, with candied winter melon, walnuts & sesame seeds.

Kishu Umeshu & Tamba-Yamanami rice shochu.

Bouchard Chablis (Burgany) & Chateau Pey La Tours Reserve (Bordeaux).

Pandan tea.

A umeshu-sake sparkling combo. Mild and fruity.

Suntory Whisky Royal (12 years) & Hibiki.

Bangsar Village.


  1. Time for some canoodling, I say! ;)

  2. It sounds wrong to canoodle with noodles but if it is delicious why not get caught in the act right?

  3. lfb: anytime is a good time for canoodling! (ermmm, except between 10pm-11am daily, when the outlet is closed!) :D
    michelle: and it's no crime under malaysian law too, yay (well, at least not yet)! =)

  4. Hehe, there are some canoodling I can do after hours also. Heh.

  5. lfb: nooooooo! we don't wanna hear it, you hormone-addled maniac!!! :D

  6. My hormones are perfectly fine, thank you very much, as are, in fact, my noodle and meatballs. Oh such a tasty discussion we're having about such a yummy dish! :P

  7. Lfb: shoo, shoo, begone evil creature! Am attempting to enjoy a blissful, innuendo-free weekend! :D

  8. Oh, I think I will love the Charcoal noodles with duck!! cos its confit ;p

  9. tng: i love duck confit too! and salmon confit! any confit actually :D

  10. i can see that they do specialise in noodles. Look like a great place for some carbo!

  11. Eiling: oh yeah, everyone else who's scared of carbs should stay away from this place ... or maybe just order the salads here, heheh :D

  12. oh, they have chilli pan mee. I shall put it to the test, and compare it with Kin Kin and Super Kitchen.

  13. carolyn: eep! it might pale a bit in comparison, if you're into the really spicy and fiery sort of pan mee. but the egg is purrrrrrrfect :D