Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Cookbook

Beware: the following photos depict a potentially shocking eggs-travaganza of a meal.

Forty-five-minute poached egg with black cream sauce on dried scallop toast. Tasted like regular soft-boiled egg, though that's not a bad thing. The toast was crunchy but slightly too charred.

Half-boiled eggs with crispy squid & curry-butter baguette. A liquidy mess to scoop out and eat, but what a fine mess. Or, just pop the eggs into your mouth for explosions of gooey goodness.

Smoked Omega eggs with fish roe & shimeji mushrooms. Similar to the seasoned eggs often served with Japanese ramen. The roe and mushrooms made scarcely any impact.

Black-eyed pea cake with salted egg yolk & chili. Creamy comfort food. As greasy as the pan-fried radish cakes offered at traditional dim sum outlets.

Sang har porridge with century eggs. Recommended for anyone who's bored of bland, watery porridges. This had us licking our lips and our spoons.

Sang har noodles in prawn broth with 45-minute poached egg. A satisfactory alternative to sang har meen, with the chicken egg adding a burst of extra flavor.

Pineapple & green apple juice, alongside Savanna Cider.

So ultimately, that's what My Cookbook is all about _ a creative menu featuring Chinese fare with contemporary flourishes. A nice change from the nondescript watering holes at Sunway Giza.

My Cookbook,
A-12, Sunway Giza Mall,
Sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 6140-6113


  1. Huh?? Poached eggs needs 40-45 mins?

    But ur right.. this is indeed a plc that strives to be unique in terms of its menu!

  2. Tng: ya, I'm still scratching my head over the timing for the poached egg! That's what the menu said, but we forgot to ask. Yeah, I admire their effort in taking a few chances with the menu, even if the risk doesn't always pay off =)

  3. That's a whole lot of eggs for one seating. And the place looks like a club lah!

  4. Qwazymonkey: heheh, I absolutely adore eggs! They've consistently been one of my favorite ingredients since I was a kid. But ya, I guess this place has to look a bit clubby to match all the other bars and pubs at sunway Giza...

  5. Maybe they cook their eggs in a water bath... thts why take it takes so long?

  6. Baby sumo: ooh interesting... I had to google water bath to find out what it was (I'm a total idiot about cooking!) :D

  7. yeah i think those eggs were cooked at like a temperature of 58 deg (the in thing in melbourne)

    but mate, thats one too many eggs in 1 seating! i hope you lay off eggs for the week!

  8. Sang har porridge?? *Drool* Must havvvvveeee.
    (Hmmm. Is it very expensive though?)

  9. An eggs-travaganza? From anyone else, maybe. But seeing how it's you, the Eggs-treme Eggs-tatico of Eggs-tacy himself, no surprise lah.

    And this could well be "your" cookbook - one eggy recipe after another, hahaha...

  10. Yay for sang har porridge. That one has me salivating, especially when I'm restricted to a porridge diet right now.

  11. joe: slow-cooking sounds like it needs too much patience! but i guess if the results are worth it... :D and ya, i sometimes eat lots of eggs at one go, and then no eggs for a few days :D
    j: prices are a biiiiiit high, but still ok. starters are mostly about RM10, while the main courses are priced in two categories, around RM15 and RM25. the sang har porridge was about RM25...
    lfb: eggs rule! i was recently asked what i'd want to have for my last meal. i said, a bowl of maggi mee (chicken soup flavor) topped with three soft-boiled eggs and nothing else, just like how i made it for myself when i was a teenager. so yeah, my personal cookbook wouldn't be complete without breaking (many) yolks :D
    lemongrass: a porridge diet? yikes, i hope it's the result of too much feasting during yuletide, and not because of any health trouble! ya, i rarely have porridge, but each time i do, whether it's hon kee's fish porridge or this sang har one here, it always satisfies!

  12. Hahaha... Are you more of an egg yolk or egg white type of person? Just curious.

  13. Well, I love eggs too but I don't think I will stand eating that much of eggs. I mean, I don't mind it but when it comes to passing gas....

    utlimate sulphur bomb

  14. Well for your sake, i hope the meal was blardee egg-cellent. What I'm mostly curious about is the porridge though.

  15. lfb: yolks, definitely! i'd actually prefer an egg that was ALL yolk! whites are bland :D
    michelle: eeeks. i'm not sure i've ever faced that problem with eggs, but i definitely sympathize! =)
    qwazymonkey: heheh, there were hits and misses ... but the menu does contain several dishes without eggs too, just to be safe. i liked the porridge cos it was thick and filled with yummy eggy flavor :D

  16. Don't they have that in the States or something? Instant Egg Yolks in a Carton? (Half a carton would fulfill Sean's Daily Recommended Egg Yolk Intake.) :P

  17. this restaurant is opened by a friend of mine but I have yet to try. It seemed that they only serve lunch set menus for lunch and thus I didn't give it a go.

  18. lfb: they do?!? now if only it were available in kl. greatest invention of the 21st century, i'd declare! :D
    eiling: ah, yeah i think their official launch will be next month. hopefully they'll have full menus for lunch too after that =)