Sunday, November 1, 2009

Teeq @ Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Click here for previous review of Teeq (Oct. 19).
We came back here to sample some of the stuff that we missed the first time around.

Cajun-style sea bass with pimento, mayo, cucumber and avocado. We're not fans of sea bass, but the avocado added a decadent twist to this typically unexciting fish. Still, we couldn't help wondering whether the sublime salad might have been better matched with cod.

Ali Burger, comprising a thick beef patty topped with beef bacon, egg and tomato. Hearty and tasty, but not exceptionally memorable or rave-worthy.

Tiramisu. Creamy but lacked an alcoholic wallop.

Chocolate brownie. Would be nicer if the brownie were warmer and fresher.

Hot fudge sundae with candied honeycomb. Simple but satisfying.

Starry Starry Sparkle (prosecco, lychee, blue citrus schnapp), Koor-Zhet Toast (vodka, citrus schnapp, zucchini nectar, mint), Gracia Sauvignon Blanc (Central Valley, Chile).

Teeq Brasserie,
Lot 10.


  1. Does Teeq mean something in Chinese ? Reason I ask is becoz there is a Chinese character on top of the tiramisu. Sheng ? Sorry my Mandarin is limited to a few common karaok words :o) and I love anything with honeycomb.. Yummy-licious !

  2. gosh, i didn't even notice that character. afraid i can't answer that, cos i don't know any mandarin. i'm not sure it looks chinese at all! :D

  3. A quick google and the mystery is solved.. It is pronounced as Zheng which translates to True. Perhaps the chef wants us to believe that that is what Real Tiramisu should taste like .. Kekekekeke

  4. Some hits and misses huh..I wonder where to get authentic tiramisu..cos the authentic ones are supposedly made with masala wine..

  5. Are those green M&Ms on the hot fudge sundae? How quaint! I have a recently revived love for multi-coloured M&Ms!

  6. Oh yar.. The othr day twas a Toss up between ths plc and bar italia.. Should try teeq soon!

  7. lil: maybe if the chef reads these comments someday, he could confirm that! :D
    tng: the italian restaurants seem to do it best. i recall liking the tiramisu at pimento @ tropicana golf and country resort...
    550ml: u're observant! those m&ms seemed like a concession to kids and the young at heart =)
    ciki: bar italia was probably the wiser choice, since twas a rainy nite and it was closer to daikanyama. nvm, next time! :D

  8. my dining experience at bar italia was just plain disappointing, if not horrible!!, so is the service!
    i like the tiramisu at Delucca... so are the pastas!!