Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BnY @ Subang

A fairly popular neighbourhood outlet that specializes in home-cooked Shanghai dishes.

The "lion's head" meatballs are a terrific starter. Chunks of minced pork that are first fried, then boiled before being served in gravy.

The claypot "yee mein ching" tastes like beancurd but is actually fish paste.

Fried kurau fish with sweet vinegar. Well-prepared; the strong-flavoured sauce managed to complement the fish instead of overpowering it.

The braised eel was melt-in-the-mouth comfort food. Absolutely adored this.

Fried pumpkin with salted egg. Served piping hot, this was exceptional, without a trace of excess oil or salt. The pumpkin was light, crisp and somehow even tasted healthy!

Steamed prawns in a sweet, slightly spicy sauce. Not bad, but not the star of the night.

Sliced haruan in rice wine. We lapped up every spoonful of the booze-laced broth, which was perfectly matched with the flaky, delicate fish.

Jalan SS18/1B, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5638-9623


  1. How on earth you found this place? Everything looks so perfect and full of wok hei!!

  2. qwazymonkey: it's actually really easy to find! it's facing the main road if u're driving from sunway pyramid to subang ... on a row of shophouses with other restaurants and a tyre outlet. sort of opposite taylor's college, on the other side of the NPE ... ok, sorry, i'm really bad at giving directions :D

  3. Very homely find. I never tried the lion head meatballs, or lion mane, or whatever.

  4. j2kfm: actually there was a write-up in the star earlier this year about this place. must have helped, cos the place was packed by 7pm. i think there are a few other places in kl that offer those meatballs, but errmm, can't remember where... =)

  5. Fried pumpkin with salted egg!!
    And I'm totally in love w the sliced haruan in rice wine. I love my fish cooked in that manner..not fried then doused w gravy.
    Some sort like the fish and spring onions kinda of preparation!

    Yup your directions s**ks ;p ;p ;p But I think I knw where laaa... hehehehe!!!

  6. sean.. u r bad at giving directions.. lol!!!
    anyway, I know where this place is.. Subang is too easy for me :)

  7. tng: yeah, fish is always best when its natural flavour and freshness is allowed to shine through, rite :D
    leo: yikes, that bad ar. :D i thot i gave so many details, haha. i still get lost in subang. too many flyovers and confusing roads