Thursday, November 5, 2009

Malayas @ Capsquare

The latest addition to Capsquare is quite a gem, specializing in a vast variety of Malaysian food served in tapas portions, cooked on order and costing only an average of RM5 per plate. The outlet looks gorgeous, with mellow jazz wafting from its high-tech sound system. Service is sparkling and booze is abundant.

Golden fried cumi-cumi. Very crunchy, extremely tiny squid. A perfect snack.

Lamb kicap masala. Super-spicy; we should have asked for rice with this.

Udang goreng kunyit. Satisfactorily fresh and well-prepared.

Deep-fried ikan rebus. Way too salty; wouldn't order this again.

Confinement-period sesame oil ginger chicken. Our favourite for the evening, even though neither of us will ever be pregnant. We felt instantly healthier and perked up after wolfing down what seemed like a lovingly cooked, homemade soup.

Steamed kacang kuda "festival-style." A treat that brings back childhood memories.

Vegetable pakora. Crisp, lightly battered, not oily at all.

Rendang kerang. Very rich and santan-ish, this is a love-it-or-hate-it recipe.

Portuguese spiced grilled fish. Surprisingly good. Naturally moist and tender, with a fresh-from-the-ocean taste but without the overly fishy flavour.

There are also some hawker carb-fests that come in larger portions. The char kuey teow was very tasty for a halal version, though it would have been better with cockles.

Mee Mamak. No complaints for this, but no raves either.

Bloody Mary and Malayas cocktails.

Kumala Merlot. Evidence that Mee Mamak and Merlot can mingle.

Malayas Bistro,
Tel: 2691-1616


  1. Malay tapas - an interesting idea. capsquare shld be up and coming, as heritage row's future is a little shaky nowadays.

  2. yeah, it's cheaper than eating lamb meatballs at la bodega, but less glamorous, i suppose...
    i hear that capsquare is bustling during weekday afternoons/early evenings, but it seems kinda dead after 8pm. it needs better retail outlets, maybe.

  3. That area is caught between the old and the hip. Cos one side is the Indian area & atr the Malays of Sogo & Kg Baru.
    then CapSq is targets office yuppies, expats and the mid class. I expected the cinema to draw in the crowd but that stupid thing barely has any shows ;p

    W-day and early evenins here are great cos of the office workers.
    W/out them, it is quiet on w-ends.
    Which is why Pink Sage is perfect durin w-ends ;p

  4. i like the tiny squid! when done right ,packs a crunch!

  5. hmm whats nxt? we now have malaysian fine dining and tapas already! dessert bar nxt?

  6. Ah.. another place to bring my Muslim friends for lunch.. thanks for sharing :o)

  7. tng: yeah, despite the cinema and cafes, there aren't enough attractions to justify hanging out at capsquare on a regular basis. i like it cos it's only 5 mins drive from my office, but i'd rather drive to pavilion.
    ciki: this one was definitely done right! :D
    joe: molecular cuisine for malaysian food! =)
    lil: hope u all enjoy it!

  8. Malaysian style tapas - it's about time! Perfect with your favourite tipple, I'm sure. I can't wait to try this place. I bet I'll be hit with a bout of nostalgia. I'm a sentimental girl, I'yam. Old bird too. haha.

  9. lemongrass: nostalgia is a tricky thing when it comes to food though! it'll either make us relish the dishes even more by bringing back sweet memories or make us confused because we recall the dishes as being tastier back in the old days =)

  10. hmmm... my first thought after reading your blog was "Malay food & Alcohol"??? boleh-ke? Halal-ke?

  11. leo: nope, it's not, but that really doesn't stop a lot of people =)

  12. This is a bloody fantastic idea! I've always been put off by the notion that Malay cuisine meant a sit down carb-filled meal, which means it fills you up so fast you can forget all about alcohol! I do think Capsquare needs to have a bit more going on to be taken seriously, but I am definitely going to give this particular joint a try! Thanks Sean!

  13. 550ml: yep, this could be a mini-revolution in the making! and i know it sounds pretentious to some people for malay food to be served in a "posh" setting, but there's no threat posed to warungs and street stalls, so what's wrong with having a few elegant malay restaurants too, right? =)

  14. I like the briyani there..u all must tested.

  15. shiva: cool, will try to check it out, tnx

  16. It is not Malay restaurant. It is Malayas Restaurant. The restaurant caters all kind of Malaysian foods i.e Malay, Chinese and Indian. It is a wonderful place to dine with excellent ambiance.

  17. suriaty: yeps, quite muhibbah! haven't been back to capsquare for awhile, but i hope it's doing well...