Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bossa Nova @ Parkroyal Hotel

Bossa Nova's all-you-can-eat Brazilian grill has always been its main attraction, but there's also an a la carte menu now with intriguing items if you don't feel like indulging in a buffet.

Churrasco prawns in palm oil moistened with coconut milk, tomatoes and garlic, served with Brazilian taro rice and sauteed brassica. The portion was meagre, but this tasted exotic enough. Lots of rich, complex flavours.

Grilled chicken with Mayan spices & chocolate sauce. Evidence that chocolate can be eaten with virtually anything. The soft, sweet & sticky chocolate blended surprisingly well with the tender, salty chicken. A scrumptious way to have both a main course and dessert at once.

Bossa Nova,
Parkroyal Hotel.


  1. Serious??
    So Mexican isnt the only cuisine w choc + chic! ;p

  2. I'm a freak! I don't mix choc with food :)

  3. tng: maybe mexican and brazilian are sister cuisines? :D
    leo: yeah, it seems weird at first, but it looks like chocolate goes well with meat ... chicken, lamb, even satay =)

  4. Chicken and chocolate? I guess one has the aphrodisiac effect... and the other has all the injected hormones! Perfect for a hot and heavy nite? :P

  5. lfb: a cheaper alternative to oysters too! :D

  6. The closest thing I've had to your dessert poultry was Mole Poblano served with Chicken and Rice which my mexican friend made. Even that I found weird. But this is on a whole different level. Despite what I've said, there's a huge part of me which wants to give it a go.

  7. qwazymonkey: yeah, we should all be adventurous with trying different food! i've only ever had mole once before, but i recall liking it. i kinda think u'll enjoy this "dessert poultry" too :D