Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pressroom @ Bangsar Shopping Center

No ifs or buts about it: Now that The Pressroom is finally open, there's no better restaurant at BSC. This is a place to which we'll definitely return, over and over again.

Asparagus risotto with chanterelle mushroom ragu & balsamic reduction. Simple recipe, but perfectly prepared. All the ingredients tasted top-notch, with no compromises in quality.

Crispy-skin barracuda. We were sure that that this is a local fish, but we can't recall the Malay name for it. Tasted kinda like seabass, but maybe with an even milder flavour.

Seared foie gras with Muscat jelly. Priced at only RM34. What are you waiting for?

Fish stew. I hate to name-drop, but this tasted like the fish soups that we enjoyed in Venice, all those years ago. Makes you feel close to the sea, even when you're just sitting in Bangsar.

Double lamb chop with bubble & squeak. Bloody good; true-blood carnivores, order this.

Saffron linguine with seared scallops, artichokes and truffle oil. If you've ever complained about not being able to taste the saffron in your pasta, then this is the one you need to order.

Braised Wagyu cheek with turnip risotto. How good was this? One of our friends at the table had never eaten beef before this. We coaxed him into it this time, and he liked it enough that he'll probably agree to a good old-fashioned steak the next time around.

Spinach gnocchi with braised beef, tomato concasse and blue cheese sauce. A bit too stodgy.

Wiener Holstein with fried egg and Spanish anchovies. A basic breaded veal schnitzel.

Meringue with passion fruit cream. Too sour for our liking.

La Petit Jaboulet, Syrah, Rhone, France 2007.

Zacapa Mojito ((Ron Zacapa, Fresh Mint, Lime, Soda) & Pressroom Reporter (Tanqueray 10, Grand Marnier, Lemon Juice, Soda).

The Pressroom,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.


  1. I want to go!!!

    But no good desserts??? ;(

  2. Good job Sean! definitely "hot off the press"

  3. if u say good stuff, this is definitely on the to eat list liao..

  4. "Makes you feel close to the sea, even when you're just sitting in Bangsar."

    Now THAT is what I call a recommendation, hehe.

  5. tng: oh, the desserts seemed kinda ordinary compared to the other stuff here...
    boo: thanks! wonder why they chose the name "pressroom" in the first place...
    joe: but don't forget, i'm easy to please! :D
    lfb: wish we had some kinda coast or shore in kl, instead of just man-made lakes!

  6. if this place warrants your second visit... it will be in my must-visit list! But hafta wait until there's special occasion where my wife and I can come without our baby tagging alone.. I wonder when??? LOL

  7. leo: keep it in mind for those special occasions ... birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day even :D

  8. Ooh there's a do here on Wed nite... I was rather half hearted but now, I'm blinking in anticipation!! Bet we won't be served that asparagus risotto though!!

  9. min: a corporate event? tnx for the warning! was planning to revisit this place sometime this week, but guess i should rule out wednesday then! :D

  10. was at pressroom yesterday but just for coffee. have yet to try their food though.

  11. eiling: definitely worth returning for food! :D

  12. Great food - ok deserts
    But the best is the ambiance and service, love the place !

  13. jacques: yep, a nice place to hang out for hours, any time of the day :D

  14. May I have the contact number for pressroom?

  15. fann fann: it's 2095-8098

  16. wow, this place looks like it deserves a 'to visit on my list of food places'..

  17. tummy rumble: been awhile since i've been here, but i still here good things about it :D

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