Thursday, November 12, 2009

House of Tang @ One Bangsar

House of Tang has a few misses on its menu, but it still serves far more hits.

Hokkien Mee. Packed with prawns & pork liver, though lacking in wok hei.

Boiled Sunshine free-range chicken with Chinese wine. We love ayam kampung, so we had high hopes for this. Alas, the meat might have been way past its expiry date, since it had a strong "old chicken" stench.

Thankfully, the other platters proved very satisfying. The steamed pork with Chinese sausage and pumpkin was tender and utterly moreish.

Ming prawns flamed in Chinese wine. Marvelous. A robust taste of wine completely permeated the prawns, somehow without overpowering their fresh, natural sweetness.

Wok-fried spare ribs blanketed in salted egg yolk. Sinfully creamy stuff.

A dim sum menu remains available in the evenings. The prawns with Honmeiji mushroom dumplings were piping-hot, moist and delicate.

Siew long bao. The skin was a tad too thick, but the soup & stuffing were perfect.

Siew mai roll with cheese. A tasty recipe; thankfully, the cheese wasn't too strong.

Golden Sand buns, filled with a rich molten centre of salted egg yolk.

House of Tang,
One Bangsar.


  1. Oh oh..tht pork in salted eggs reminded me of Aunti Sam's. Urghh! havent been there for the durian coated ones!
    And golden sand buns! Yummy.. now lets us hope this plc survives the doom recently plaguing the row.

  2. so its worth coming here after all? i heard alot of complaints only..

  3. wa.. so-so only hor.. too many other places to try la :P

  4. tng: yeah, around 10 restaurants have closed on this row since it was launched. kinda sad, since many of them were pretty good...
    joe: yep, they seem to have pulled up their socks. definitely worth giving a chance...
    agentcikay: must lend support to as many deserving places as possible!

  5. Spare ribs with salted egg yolk? What the hey? Is there an ongoing contest to create the most ridiculously heartstopping sinful dish in town? My poor heart wails!

  6. 550ml: actually, your young heart should easily withstand another decade or more of cholesterol abuse!