Saturday, November 28, 2009

El Meson @ Telawi, Bangsar

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A third trip to this place; there's just so much to try on their menu!

A top-notch platter of cold cuts, featuring Iberico ham, serrano, parma, pancetta and salami, with melon and olives. Could have eaten this all night long.

Pickled herring with garlic confit on toast. Slippery, salty and sourish.

Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup with grated egg and serrano). Superbly refreshing and surprisingly flavourful, considering how bland gazpacho can sometimes be.

Crispy fried trotter. A tender and juicy cut, well complemented by the apple sauce.

Aubergines in red pepper sauce. Forgettable.

Linguine with rabbit, olives, garlic confit and herbs. Not the star of the evening; the rabbit was even tougher and chewier than usual.

Oxtail braised in Moscatel with matchstick potatoes. A hearty portion, but the meat tasted lacklustre, while the potatoes could have been less salty.

Blood Orange Sorbet with orange slices and cointreau. A perfectly prepared cold dessert that included lots of tiny sultanas.

El Meson's Special (skyy berry, malibu, midori, cranberry juice) and Hurricane Carolyn (malibu, captain morgan, light rum, cranberry juice).

El Meson,
Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru.


  1. This is insane! How could you have such an indulgence so often? I am salivating at the ham&salami platter.

  2. eiling: there are too many temptations around! i'd go insane if i tried to resist them! :D

  3. Yums.. i think they will nd to re-vamp their menu for u to go for the fourth time ;p

    Well..The Pressroom is beckonin ;)

  4. tng: hehe i've already been revisiting the pressroom :D

  5. Tried this last night. Good recommendations. If u are jaded on Italian, this will be a real perked up. Spainish foods are so full flavored. It is on Telawi 3 shophouse opposite BV2 (ex-HUSH place beside Madam Kwan).