Sunday, November 15, 2009

La Vaca @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Click here for previous review of La Vaca on Nov. 11 (the feast of fried bone marrow, steak tartare, ox tongue and other beefy treats).
We made this second trip back to La Vaca _ barely a few days after our first visit _ to sample some more stuff that caught our attention.

Generous slices of air-dried Spanish beef to wrap around lusciously sweet rock melon.

U.S. veal porterhouse steak with butter sauce. A lean, tender cut.

Hungarian beef goulash with spaetzle. Our favourite for the evening. We mopped up every last bit of the thick stew, which brimmed with a rich, robust flavour.

BBQ Beef Short Ribs. A hearty, succulent slab of meat, ideal for healthy appetites.

The menu includes several seafood and chicken items for anyone who doesn't take beef. The Florida crab cakes are highly recommended. Packed with fresh crab meat and marvelously breaded without a hint of excess oil.

A carafe of Melbourne Lounge Cabernet Merlot.

After-dinner digestives of Jagermeiser (German for Hunter Master with 56 herbs) and Underberg Miniature (with herbs from 46 countries).

La Vaca,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2143-2268


  1. how can you dine out every single night without fail?!!!!! amazing.

  2. j2kfm: heh, but what else are our evenings good for? =)

  3. that answers my Q, there is otr stuffs other than beef! ;p

  4. that last picture, was exactly where I sat that nite! haha... yeah the crab cakes is good.

  5. tng: yep, got chicken and oysters too :D
    eiling: heh, if u had been there that night, u might have been in that photo =)

  6. have you assumed the royal "we" in your writing, or it's really a group of we? if its the royal we, i am amazed you can eat so much and so richly.

  7. fbb: heh ... the "we" in my blog generally refers to me and mysteriously unidentified dining companion(s)

  8. more like where do u get the money to dine out?? hehe.. somemore at not-so-cheap places =p

  9. goingkookies: reduce expenses for other items. i spend very little on clothes, gadgets, etc :D