Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fiesta Cafe @ Mont Kiara

This cafeteria-style outlet in a Mont Kiara condo serves better-than-expected food.

There are lots of Western and local fare on the menu, but we were drawn to the Korean items, which are supposed to be their specialty. The grilled pork spare ribs on a bed of onions were sweetly marinated and satisfyingly tender.

Nakji Dolbap, fried baby octopus with rice in stone pot. Addictive. We loved the chewy texture of the octopus and the tasty sauce that made eating the rice such a pleasure.

Stunningly strong soju. Almost knocked us out, amazingly.

Fiesta Cafe,
Kiaraville, Mont Kiara.


  1. Hmmm.. The cafe looks uncomfortably deserted.. Well.. I guess they have to start somewhere:. Perhaps after your post they will have more patrons

  2. lil: they do deserve to draw more business, since their food is actually really good. alas, my blog doesn't have that kind of clout =)

  3. Hmm.. some condos in KL/Bangsar/etc seems to be hiding some hidden gems yea? judging frm posts i been reading lately. Time to scour them one by one? ;)

  4. read this from the star not long ago.. opened by Korean couple who initially wanted to open at Solaris. How did you find it???

  5. tng: yeah, there seem to be cafes at EVERY condo in mont kiara. definitely wouldn't mind exploring :D
    leo: it helps to have a friend who lives in mont kiara. but the neighbourhood is not that big, so it's not too hard to find anything there =)

  6. my favourite place for korean is daorae garden, sri hartamas. cheap and tasty... a must go if you like korean i think.

  7. jonjon: haven't been to daorae before... thanks for the tip, will definitely keep it in mind =)