Friday, November 13, 2009

Citrus @ Bangsar Village

A comfy new cafe that serves a strange mix of Singaporean, Middle Eastern and Pakistani food, with some fusion twists to make things even more interesting.

Citrus Special Aloo Chat, a combo of soft chick peas, onions and greens on a pastry bed, drizzled with yoghurt and tamarind sauce. Spectacular comfort food, blending both Middle Eastern and South Asian flavours in one recipe.

On the other hand, the House Briyani was rather ordinary. Nothing wrong with it, but unlike the best kinds of briyani, it simply wasn't bursting with flavour.

We had uncertain feelings about the House Special Spaghettini, tossed with capers, olives, pine nuts and a homemade tomato base. It had a sourish-spicy taste that wasn't quite successful. Maybe sometimes, East and West aren't meant to wed.

Blueberry tea and Orange & Carrot juice.

Other recommended items here that we'll aim to try next time include the Singapore Chinese Rojak and cool-sounding desserts such as Kheer (Pakistani sweet boiled rice).

Bangsar Village.


  1. Uhh.. sounds very "confused" rather than 'fusion' cuisine isnt it?

  2. Nice interior though. Sadly wasted in a place liddat

  3. im confused with the items too..indian than pasta?

  4. the Citrus Special Aloo Chat looks grim! but i am sure the taste is fine :P

    raw, raw .. roar! (i got no time.. no time.. backlog)

  5. tng: heh, yeah it's a very 'rojak' menu
    qwazymonkey: true, the decor is nicer than the food...
    joe: i guess they're trying to cater to a wide range of customers =)
    ciki: it was the only item that we liked!

  6. now that's an interesting addition to the BV makanscape. am still thinking about the Singaporean bit in the dishes.....ok, i give up..haha

    but will sure give this a try when i'm there.

  7. nic: yaa, there were some dishes here with "singapore" in their names, mostly noodles, but they sounded unappealing. hope u fare better here! :D

  8. a little too ambitious perhaps?
    singaporean influences? hmm .. as in chilli crabs? laksa or the localized Sporean Beehoon?

  9. j2kfm: well, it risks becoming one of those jack-of-all-trades outlets. yep, there were some some simple singaporean hawker fare, like rojak and laksa, but no crabs :D