Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chinoz: Pub Grub Promo @ KLCC

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Chinoz on the Park is offering a promotional British pub food menu, with recipes ranging from cornish pasties to London Particular soup, fish pies with mashed potato crust to potted shrimp, steak & oyster pies to barnsley chops.

We had already eaten dinner at Malones that evening, but couldn't resist stopping here for a light supper (sort of). The pressed ox tongue with beetroot chutney was tender & meaty; reminiscent of the flavour & texture of beef cheek, but somehow more of an acquired taste.

Spotted Dick (steamed pudding with fruits & custard). A sensational delight; warm, moist, not cloyingly sweet and not stodgy at all.

Eton Mess (strawberries, meringue, cream). Another dessert made in heaven. Thankfully, this is a regular item at The Apartment's menu, so it'll always be available a few doors away from Chinoz even after this pub grub promo ends.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava Brunt NV Spain sparkling wine. The perfect companion to all those strawberries.

Chinoz on the Park,


  1. i love spotted dick.. but not on my hubs! mwuahahaha :P

  2. im pretty sure the only thing not pub grub like here is the prices..

    i remember my experience with spotted dick..couldnt even pronounce it without feeling funny..

  3. serious? The Apartment actually have good desserts?

  4. This AFTER Malones? *shakes head in wonder* That Eton Mess is one fine looking mess!

  5. spotted dick!! Hhahahahahahaqhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha... excuse me

  6. ciki: i assume u love it warm, moist and not too stodgy either! :D
    joe: yeah, prices are inflated but still not too shocking. i love british names for their food. pigs in blankets, toad in hole
    tng: yeah, a very nice variety, though quality can be erratic...
    550ml: eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we will surely nurse a hangover!
    leo: the name has an innocent origin la. according to wikipedia: spotted refers to the dried fruit (which resemble spots) and dick may be a contraction/corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough.

  7. this after the Malones glutton experience?!!

  8. j2kfm: we're hopeless at resisting temptation!

  9. We were here last week. Had the beef cheek. It was good. I enjoyed the Eton Mess too. Wonder what's the history behind the Eton Mess? It resembles a pavlova gone wrong, doesn't it? hehe.

  10. lemongrass: wikipedia saves the day (again!). Eton Mess is traditionally served at Eton College's annual cricket game against the students of Winchester College. The dish has been known by this name since the 19th century.