Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Medina @ Telawi, Bangsar

An oasis of authentic Middle Eastern fare in the heart of Bangsar.

Carrots with parsley & garlic. A bit too mushy & overcooked for our liking.

Hummus, the house specialty of chickpeas with tahina sauce, garlic, parsley & olive oil. Well-prepared, but hummus isn't exactly an exciting recipe.

Couscous Royale, topped with lamb, chicken and veggies. Hearty comfort food, overflowing with succulent meat skewers and warm, delicate eggplant.

Lamb tagine, a lamb shank stew with honey and almond. The meat falls off the bone with ease and tastes superb with the sweet, nutty gravy.

Thankfully, wine is served. Can't always count on it at a Middle Eastern outlet.

The Medina Restaurant,
Jalan Telawi 5.
Tel: 2287-4644


  1. Alws liked Mid Eastern food but the Iranian (naab) ones seems nicer. I dont like Morrocan as much after my experience with Tajine.

  2. My knowledge on Middle Eastern food is really sdn bhd (as in limited)... except for kebab (it's middle eastern food right?)... don't ask me about others!

  3. tng: yep, it ranks low on my list of preferred food too, but the big portions and lots of carbs and meat make it quite satisfying whenever we're feeling hungry :D
    leo: yeah, i'm also learning, but luckily there seems to be less variety in middle eastern food ... compared to chinese food, for example! =)

  4. but I can remember most of the Chinese food :P
    we are Chinese.. and we should have known better.. lol!!

  5. Hummus.. but isn't pita bread the real enemy here.. :P (quote unquote.. Bruno)

  6. Overcooked carrots... what's the big idea? Can anyone honestly tell me this is a win? Carrots should be consumed raw as far as I'm concerned! Hey I happen to think hummus is wonderful!

  7. leo: heh, i still am trying to learn all the different kinds of cooking though ... cantonese, hakka, shanghainese, teochew...
    ciki: hamas is the enemy, not hummus!
    550ml: yeah, overcooked veggies, especially spinach, are a pet peeve for me too. and ok, i like hummus, but it's "only" a dip.. :D

  8. i know! but that was in the "BRUNO" movie la... :P

  9. ciki: ahh that terrible movie, heheh :D