Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vincenzo @ One Bangsar

A brief stopover for delectable desserts.

Baked chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream. At a time when this recipe has become a cliche, Vincenzo's version is still one of the city's best, with a taste, texture and temperature that border on perfect.

Amaretto coffee tiramisu. Provided a nice alcoholic wallop.

Cointreau Orange and Rum & Raisin gelatos. Also wonderfully laced with booze.

Bacio Gelato (chocolate & hazelnut) and Chocolate Chilli Gelato.

White Sangria (orange, mango, pineapple, lime, brandy, white wine) and Red Sangria (same ingredients, except with red wine instead).

One Bangsar.
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  1. oohh...alcoholic gelatos!!
    And what do u think of the tiramisu? Sadly, other than Alexis, I hv yet to find a good tiramisu in town!

  2. Luv Sangria but dangerous stuff for me since its sweetness hides its potency. *hic*

  3. tng: vincenzo's is actually pretty good, even though it looks ordinary at first. i think the safest bet is to stick to the italian restaurants for tiramisu...
    tummythoz: heh, yeah that's the problem with a lot of cocktails, i guess. we don't realize we're tipsy till it's too late. but hey, that's ok :D

  4. Oooh indulging! Always loved vincenzo and its tiramisu and chocolate pudding. Yumzzz

  5. qwazymonkey: hey i didn't realize u have a sweet tooth =)