Friday, April 8, 2011

La Bibliotheque

The Library has opened its fourth branch, which should prove as wildly successful as its outlets at e@Curve, Mid Valley & Puchong. The twist: this one boasts a "French theme" that extends to its name, some of the decor and the attire of its service team.

There's not much that's French about the food though. The Moroccan harira soup, comprising lamb, chickpeas, tomato puree & herbs, was comfortingly warm, rich and tangy, though the meat could be less gamy.

Deep-fried prawns. Would work commendably as a bar snack; surprisingly succulent crustaceans, coated in crisp batter that wasn't as greasy as it looked.

Of course, the lure is the long list of creative cocktails, such as the Frangelico Caipirinha (frangelico, lime wedges, cranberry juice) & Hpnotic Mojito (sagatiba pura, hpnotic, mint leaves, lime, soda).

Jack The German Motherfucker shooter (jack daniel's, jagermeister, sweet sour mix) & Rosy Nipples (butterscotch, tequila rose strawberry cream). Potent booze here.

Service is warm, but efficiency will be a problem until the staff gets more experienced.
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La Bibliotheque (The Library),
Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Michelle: heh, it's a conveniently accessible hangout after work :D

  2. Where's the French-themed attire? Appealing enough to overturn long-standing verdict that the Library = rubbish overpriced beer?

  3. I remember I tried a very interesting drink at Libraby (Curve) before - Wild Sex with the Bartender. LOL

  4. min: come to think of it, their attire looked more german/austrian than french (kinda reminded me of 'the sound of music' costumes), with suspender belts. heheh =)
    j: oooh, i gotta admit, i've never drank beer at the library before. the cocktails hit the spot for me here. i wouldn't mind some wild sex with the bartender either, ahem :D

  5. Eh I see you haven't tried the Library in Puchong before! Shouldn't you be paying a visit here? *wink* hehe.. actually I wasn't even aware there's food in Library! The prawns looked really good!

  6. Iamthewitch: u're right, I really should come to puchong ... though it seems like the library's outlet there is really crowded and noisy on most nites =) ya, the food at the library is a bit more ambitious/adventurous than many other pubs, though there are both hits and misses...

  7. haha what a name for those shooters! I wonder how I should order.. "give me a German mutherfucker now!!!" hahahha

  8. eiling: the waiters will happily repeat the shooter names to you when confirming your order, word for word :D