Sunday, April 3, 2011


Returning to EEST to sample more of their new pork-laden menu.
Earlier entries on EEST: March 1, 2010, May 6, May 27, June 11 & March 29, 2011.

Alas, this meal was unexpectedly filled with letdowns. Skip the siu yoke _ a puny portion of roast pork for RM30++. Taste-wise, it paled in comparison to popular versions elsewhere.

The pork trotter proved unmemorable _ a leaner, drier version of crispy knuckles.

Glazed pig's tail in claypot. This one wasn't bad, thankfully; the meat was tender and aromatic, enhanced in both taste and texture by chili, peanuts & garlic.

Master-tossed Hakka noodles. The noodles tasted essentially ordinary; there was a generous serving of pork belly, but every chunk seemed excessively high in sodium.

Yong chow fried rice. Overpriced; no 'wok hei,' minimal char siew & crab meat.

Let's count our blessings: fortunately, the wine was tasty.

Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Too bad for a mediocre experience eh? Luckily there's always wine to save the day! :)

  2. Iamthewitch: u're right! Booze makes everything better! (especially red wine) :D

  3. Any idea if the lunch dim sum buffets are still on (but with pork versions)?

    The siew yuk looks mighty expensive for rm30 ... D: ...

  4. Timing: oh yeah, the weekend lunch dim sum buffets are still being advertised, with porky siew mai and steamed buns now (I haven't tried it before though). Ya, I wouldn't mind the rm30++ price tag if the siew yok had been really terrific, but they were kinda oversalted...

  5. Dim sum! Yay.. I'm craving for some! ;P

  6. Michelle: oink oink! But no foul-tasting pork, fortunately :D
    Tng: gosh, it's been absolute ages since I had dim sum in KL! Maybe not yet this year! :D

  7. hmm looks like there's a need for lots of improvement to be put in place.

  8. Eiling: ya, hits and misses. Some other items on the menu are great, but these ones were just unsatisfying...

  9. sean, may I have your msn?

  10. Nicole: I don't use msn, but u can email me via my blog profile page