Monday, April 11, 2011


Love sometimes strikes when least expected. We've never been smitten with salads and sandwiches before, but we're hopelessly devoted to the ones at Toastina now.

A brief introduction: ensconced at the entrance of Sheraton Imperial Hotel's office block, Toastina comprises two outlets in one venue _ a bright, breezy deli that operates between 7am-7pm and a casual, comfy lounge that stays open past midnight.

Toastina's menu is compact, but that makes choosing much easier. For fresh, clean flavors, this mix of fennel, prawns & lime can't be bettered. Fun fact: in medieval times, some believed fennel could ward off witchcraft and devilry.

Basque potatoes & honeyed carrots with pickles & toasted rosemary bread. Not afraid of carbs? This is absolutely ambrosial _ a mushy, baby-food blend of the creamiest potatoes possible and fragrantly nectarous carrots. Who needs meat anyway?

Waldorf salad with crab meat & micro cress. Here's one that packs a protein punch, with heaps of sweet, succulent crab meat. Toastina's salads cost RM12-22; reasonable enough.

Who knew our favorite recipe this year would basically be a hot dog? Take two thick, luscious sausages, then slather them with guacamole & olive tapenade, rest everything on a bed of ripe avocados and sandwich it in soft, fresh bread. The result is some kind of miracle _ comfort food to enslave us eternally. Note: this 500-gram, 38-ringgit behemoth should be shared.

Customers can customize their sandwiches with a nice range of bread (baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia), fillings & toppings. Here's our personal creation, served warm and juicy: charcoal bread stuffed with turkey, cranberry, arugula & brie cheese, topped with jicama salsa.

Alas, not everything is exemplary here. These beef ribs from the bar menu sounded brilliant, coated in a coffee-&-orange glaze. While they were meaty and flavorsome, it's impossible to relish ribs that are only marginally less tough than leather.

Colorful desserts are an attraction too. This Linzer tart proved to be a pleasure, boasting buttery pastry that oozed with rich raspberry jam.

Zurich cookies. Those are pistachio crusts at both ends, right?

Boiled cookies. Sugary treats, laced with coconut, nuts & dried fruits.

Toffee hot chocolate & vanilla honey ice-blended. Excellent.

Wine is available of course, as well as cocktails & hard liquor.

Faber Imperial Court,
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. What's boiled cookies? They sure sound healthy! Man, the sandwiches do look really good!

  2. Well, did they taste like pistachio? LOL.

  3. Michelle: they're also apparently called no-bake cookies, since there's no oven-baking in their making ... think there are oats in them, but they're waaaay too sweet to be healthy, heh =)
    J: they looked like crushed pistachios, they tasted like pistachios, but I'm burdened with doubts! :D

  4. Y'know I always did suspect something extraordinarily supernatural about fennel - it's not difficult to like but its flavour is so complex you just don't know where to put it! Now I know! In dishes for bitter enemies and love rivals!

  5. Min: I only recently found out that fennel has a storied history indeed. It's one of the main ingredients used in the production of absinthe! The Italian word for fennel is also used as a derogatory term for gay men! And Prometheus was said to have used a stalk of fennel to steal fire from the Greek gods! Hopefully all that trivia might come in handy at some pub quiz night sometime :D

  6. The food looks promising, what's more with this glowing review! :) The prices seem reasonable too and it'll give the more established (crowded) cafes in town a run for their money, perhaps. I hope the Starwood Privilege card covers Toastina too. Hehe.

  7. looks like a good place for some extraordinary lunch. The sausage weighs at 500gm or the whole bread together? that's quite heavy!

  8. hairyberry: ooh, good point, i forgot to check about the starwood discounts (though that's a moot point for me, since i don't have a card, boo hoo!) :D
    eiling: apparently the sandwich as a whole is 500 grams. i have a confession though: my friend and i didn't manage to finish the bread! :D

  9. Wahh tht's a herb lesson there w yr explanation of fennel! LOL.
    Oh my, i love bread & salads. yums.. I didnt managed to go fr the launch last Fri tho, it rained and traffic sucks.

  10. tng: i'm always confused about whether to classify fennel as vegetable or herb. maybe it's both! :D i think i escaped before the launch, since i didn't see any hotel management officers or invited guests while i was there =)

  11. My oh my! Look at the salad and sandwiches! You made them sound so good, and I'm not even a salad lover! :) PS: I read something related to witch inside! :P

  12. iamthewitch: ya, i usually find salads unsatisfying, both in terms of flavor and portion size, but the ones here proved me wrong! :D P.S. hope the fennel doesn't scare you off, heheh (and i still don't know how you came up with your blog name) =)

  13. You in love with salads? Oh my, now you got my attention! :P

  14. Lfb: but the salads here are much more lovable than the ones you might find at, say, solaris mont kiara. Heheh
    P.S. Being the fashion-savvy one, are you sure you didn't mean yay for FLANNEL :D

  15. seems like sandwiches places are mushrooming now, hope they are all tasty

  16. Babe_KL: I'm hoping all the carbs won't be bad for us! Heheh :D