Sunday, April 17, 2011


Vogue's interior is eye-catching (though some might say it's more kitschy than kooky), with plenty of potentially titillating posters lining the walls.

Mojito & Brandy Alexander _ potent but pricey cocktails.

Still, there are too many empty seats for now to call this club a success. Let's wait awhile.

Vogue The Club,
Plaza Mont Kiara.
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  1. I love how there's water up at the front... it makes the place cool but rest assured, the other parts of this place is just kitschy...

  2. What a strange interior! Chinese lantern, (wat looks like a) Hebrew star and chandeliers? :)

  3. michelle: heheh, frankly i'm leaning toward kitschy too. but maybe it'd look better if we had lotsa booze in our system =)
    j: ya, totally bizarre. i think there's also a poster of a young sean connery posing in his underwear, but i didn't look closer :D

  4. *takes a 2nd look at the photo n sees said photo of Sean Connery*

  5. J: Haha, at least it's a young Sean Connery, not an old one! :D

  6. is that water in the bar table? they should turn it into an aquarium!

  7. eiling: yep, it's water, but no fishies yet! maybe the fish would get harassed by the customers :D