Friday, April 29, 2011


Portugal, Part VII: This cafe is perpetually packed with customers craving the sweet stuff that has long been a specialty of Sintra, which Lord Byron once called the world's most beautiful village.

Queijadas _ basically cakes made of cheese, eggs, flour, sugar & cinnamon. The recipe seems simple, but these are intoxicatingly good; we gobbled up six within minutes (and they're not that small!).

Also loved the travesseiros, puffy treats filled with almond cream. Crisp and fluffy, with every bite informing us how fresh pastries can be the closest thing to heaven.

We needed all that energy (and then some) to hike up Sintra's hills and wander through this U.N. World Heritage Site's Pena National Palace ...

... the Quinta da Regaleira gardens ...

... and the Castle of the Moors.
But with this, we wrap up our Portugal series. Adeus!

Sintra, Portugal.


  1. What is the crowd staring at? Queijadas sounds like my thing. :D

  2. Oh no. Is this the last Portugal food + travel post? :(

    Was having so much fun looking/reading and dreaming about a holiday there...

  3. michelle: ahh, they're all waiting for their turn to order the pastries (we actually have to take a number and wait for it to be called!) :D
    j: yep, sadly, that's it for portugal! i liked the place, though i'm not sure i'll ever return there (one visit seems sufficient). here's hoping you get a great holiday somewhere soon! =)

  4. how far was the hike? bet you ate more than necessary :P haha

  5. ciki: i think in total, we spent more than an hour hiking uphill and another hour on the way down! that has gotta be worth at least six pieces of pastry in calories, heheh :D

  6. Gimme some travesseiros! Sounds like heaven compared to the el cheapo wafer biscuits in my office. >.<

  7. bangsar-babe: heheh, my office only has stale biscuits, past their expiry date! yeah, i'd happily pay a large sum for some travesseiros right now! :D

  8. i really like the buildings and architecture there. Old but gold!

  9. eiling: oh yeah, they've been around a loooooong time before we were born, and they'll probably still be tourist attractions after we're gone! :D