Friday, April 15, 2011

Samplings on the Fourteen

Samplings on the Fourteen: Round 2. Earlier entry: April 13.

Goose liver on candied apples, mixed cress & aged balsamic vinegar. Surprisingly sizable slabs, triumphantly tasty. When was the last time we had foie gras? Seems like far too long ago.

Clear venison essence. Reminiscent of oxtail broth, brimming with tender slices of meat. The accompaniment of fried dumplings was mushroom-laced parisienne _ a cross between gnocchi and arancini.

Duck confit with organic lentils & fricassee lettuce. One of KL's juiciest, least salty versions of this recipe. These savory dishes at Samplings could pass muster at a full-fledged Parisian restaurant.

Kaffir lime panna cotta. Smooth and creamy, with an orange, chili & caramel topping.

Earl Grey chocolate mousse with cashew nut snap. The list of desserts here isn't long, but whatever we tried left us supremely satisfied.

Bilyara, Wolf Blass Shiraz (2009).

Samplings on the Fourteen,
Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. oo! next time I am at BJS will check this place out.. was the wine list extensive ar? Earl Grey chocolate mousse with cashew nut snap looks divine! one pop into the mouth.. gone:P

  2. You must love this place right? I mean, I noticed that you usually return to places you like a lot!

  3. I'm with Ciki- That dessert looks awesome! :D
    (Gtg try it soon!)

  4. "Surprisingly sizable slabs"? "Triumphantly tasty"?

    Make me "alliterative appreciative, always"... ;)

  5. ciki: ya, a multi-page wine list, but not many by the glass, and most of the bottles are kinda pricey (only a few in the RM100 range)...
    michelle: yep, thumbs up to this place! i like all the important things about it ... the food, the service and the view :D
    j: it would have been even nicer if they had laced it with some booze, heheh. wonder if customers can make that request! =)
    lfb: eeeeeee, art thou being charmingly complimentary or sneakily snarky ... i can't quite decide! :D

  6. lfb: illogically indecisive! :D

  7. Nice, seems that the students (it's cooked by the students?) are actually talented!
    But i would think that food cooked by students are cheaper.. not the otr way round!

  8. Tng: ouh, I think they now use professional staff in both the kitchen and at the tables during dinner. The students only do their training here during lunchtime, when the restaurant isn't open to the public =)

  9. wah sean you're killing me with that foie gras picture!!! I want some too! and "14" of all names?!! haha...

  10. eiling: heheh, ya, we were very pleased that it was two thick slices of foie gras instead of just one! :D and oh, it's '14' cos the restaurant is on the 14th floor =)