Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Samplings on the Fourteen

Samplings on the Fourteen recently started serving dinner, so customers can now savor the setting here at night. The restaurant feels more romantic in dim lighting, with an enchanting 14th-floor view of KL's skyline that naturally includes the Petronas towers.

We secured a table by the window for the best seats in the house, but fear not: even if you come blindfolded, the most crucial component of the Samplings experience is partaking of the French and Italian fare confidently prepared here.

Raw salmon with lumpfish caviar, mango puree & lettuce. The epitome of an appetite-whetter; moist, delicate fish with creamy roe and tangy dressing.

Marron with asparagus, artichoke, cepes mushroom salad & white truffle oil vinaigrette. A light, guilt-free recipe that still provides plenty of pleasure; the tender crayfish would taste fine on its own, but the infusion of truffle oil makes every bite a beautifully aromatic one.

Pappardelle with slipper lobster & green zucchini in pesto sauce. A refreshing change from heavy, creamy pastas. This must be what springtime tastes like.

Pan-seared Belgian sole & scallop rolls with champagne trout caviar sauce, green asparagus & saffron potato. Succulent stuff, sublime with the savory sauce. A seafood dinner like this makes us believe that meat might be an unnecessary evil.

Service is sparkling and the wine list is OK, though it tips toward the pricier end.

Traffic never ceases; on the bright side, this steady stream of car lights was visually splendid.

Samplings on the Fourteen,
Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Berjaya Times Square Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good meal there

  2. Michelle: would call it a pleasant surprise, better than expected :D

  3. Looks good! :) How's the pricing? *curious*

  4. Pappardelle with slipper lobster & green zucchini in pesto sauce.. worth eating carbs for! haah!

  5. j: oh, not too terrible. appetizers average around RM20-40, mains RM40-80, desserts RM20. can still escape with a three-course meal for RM100 =)
    ciki: i love my carbs. all day long i dream of them, and when evening falls, i swoon in their warm embrace :D

  6. The view looks beautiful...and the Belgian sole & scallop rolls look delish. *swoon*

  7. bangsar-babe: oh yeah, definitely worth checking out if you're in the neighborhood! beware, it's closed on sundays though! =)

  8. Such a gorgeous view! Was there yesterday and I was wondering if it's a school or a restaurant opened to public. Now you've confirmed my query! :)

  9. iamthewitch: ya, apparently it's not open for lunch, since they use the restaurant for training purposes during the daytime. but that's actually better, since the view is nicer at night, right! :D

  10. the appetiser looks cool, salmon and mango puree. I would really love to try that!

  11. Eiling: ya, it's only a small mouthful, but it's a tasty bite =)