Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tenshi No Cafe

Fetish fashion meets fun food at this cutesy cafe, where a service team dressed as maids and butlers keeps customers amused with friendly antics. No fear, there's no hanky-panky here.

The novelty of this outlet is kept fresh by the merry enthusiasm of its staff members, who interacted comfortably with us while serving our food and drinks. They'll decorate dishes at the table _ with the help of some ketchup, this "omurice," comprising fried rice wrapped in an omelet, was made to look like a bunny face _ and even spoon-feed you for a token fee.

The offerings here comprise contemporary and fusion Japanese creations. Daily specials include creatively composed "Kawaii Bento" sets like this one, called "I Love You," an eye-catching bowl of strawberry-laced sticky rice with crunchy battered chicken & fruits.

"Home Garden," another bento meal. All the food is sufficiently well-prepared and tastes fresh. Nothing that's astonishingly delicious, but everything works well as comfort food.

Mango rice with a mild Japanese curry. Our favorite for the evening, thanks to the thick, aromatic gravy. Note that prices here are slightly steep, with most platters costing RM15-20.

Fried rice with salmon cakes. Ultimately, this is a pleasant hangout pulsating with positive vibes, making it ideal for anyone who wants to kick back after a hard day's work or on weekends. If all goes well, there'll be branches at Mid Valley and Pavilion by year-end.

Banana milkshake & honey lime juice.

Green tea & watermelon juice.

Tenshi No Cafe,


  1. aiyo.. tis place is all over the blogsphere. HAha..most of my guy friends got the maids to feed them *roll eyes * ;p

    I ws at the desserts plc oppo it the other day, and saw so many guys hovering at the front doors! LOL

  2. Tng: I still fear for this place though! It seemed too quiet on a weekday nite, with only three or four occupied tables! It might do a bit better on the ground floor instead of lower ground. But I have to admit, the waitresses are very, very charming :D

  3. So did u get them to feed u ah? :)

  4. Were there any girl customers? Or just all male?

  5. the website has these "ten commandments" that i thought were kind of cute haha:

    1. Do not touch a maid's body.
    2. No asking for a maid's phone number.
    3. No asking for a maid's email address.
    4. Do not infringe on a maid's privacy by asking what time she get off work.
    5. Do not stalk or persistently pick up a maid.
    6. Do not linger outside the cafe waiting for her to come in or go out.
    7. Do not harm the employees, guests, or neightbors of this cafe.
    8. No taking photos of the maids without permission.
    9. Do not bring outside food or drink into the cafe.
    10. Not staying more than 2 hours.

  6. michelle: try to make a trip here when you're back in kl :D
    j: a spoonful of rice mixed with curry! =)
    baby sumo: oh, there was more or less an equal gender balance. mainly young adults in their 20s though :D
    timing: hehe, i guess the rules are necessary to ensure the safety and the comfort of the waitresses. they're all really friendly and polite and eager to please =)

  7. wow everything is just too cute at this place!

  8. Eiling: yep, everything from the decor to the staff members to the food! :D

  9. I consider spoon feeding 'hanky panky'. My little sister and her otaku friends paid this place a visit, and one of her friends paid to be spoon fed just for the novelty. No amount of money could convince me to work there as one of those maids!

  10. Elaine: yeah, there's a very thin line here, and I can appreciate how working here might be considered degrading. I do respect the waitresses here though ... They managed to maintain a sense of dignity and pride while doing their work. Not an easy task, I admit!

  11. awww.. one of those cutesy cafes. not one i wud go to though, cuz i can't stand girls looking better than me. hehe

  12. august: heheh, i'm getting the sense that women aren't very enthusiastic about this place! :D

  13. I'm still curious to know how charming are the maids? cos I've seen photos from their facebook page, I really don't find them attractive :p hehe.

  14. blackcat: ahh, i guess different people will have different perceptions about them. i think they're bubbly and cheerful enough in person to leave a positive impression :D

  15. This place is too cutesy for me. I might roll my eyes at those 'maids', because Lolita outfits annoy me. And also because I could never pull off the kawaii look. >.<

  16. Bangsar-babe: heheh, looks like this is a love-it-or-hate-it concept! Maybe there are too many maids and too few male butlers here though! :D

  17. I dunno if i should laugh or feel disgusted. LOL. Kinda demeaning to the maids doncha think? But i guess if it's from Japan, it can't be all that wrong right?

  18. Qwazymonkey: yeah, I do kinda feel bad for the waitresses, but hopefully most of the customers behave respectfully toward them (despite the spoon-feeding!). Trust the Japanese to think of something that could seem kinky like this! :D